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Diverse Avenues for Content Creators: An Interview With CosmoFeed CEO Vivek Yadav



Today, our editorial team sat down with Vivek Yadav, Co-founder and CEO of CosmoFeed to understand how its platform maintains a delicate equilibrium between revenue generation and preserving the content quality of content creators.

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TechGraph: Many content platforms face challenges in striking a balance between revenue generation and maintaining a positive user experience. How does CosmoFeed ensure that the monetization strategies do not overshadow the creators’ content quality and audience engagement?

Vivek Yadav: Well that is a really important question to us at Cosmofeed we have seen YouTube, as well as Twitch, coming out with various monetization policies and have seen the creator’s response to it as well, like Twitch has faced several backlashes due to it. So to ensure that this does not happen to us we had to come up with a few measures to balance it all out. A few of them offer a variety of monetization options.

We now offer a variety of products through which creators can monetize their product life cycle like single/catalog pages, communities, events, courses, etc. This gives them the freedom to choose how they wanna monetize their content.

Apart from this We also provide creators with the tools and resources they need to create great content. We make sure that they have access to training, analytics, marketing support, etc. so that they can make great content.

This is on the creator side but apart from that we also Focus on the user experience. We know how important it is and we design our products for creators to be as unobtrusive as possible. The focus is on providing users with a high-quality content experience.

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TechGraph: Monetization often relies on a diverse range of revenue streams. Could you elaborate on the various avenues through which creators on CosmoFeed can earn, such as advertising, subscriptions, tips, or other means?

Vivek Yadav: Sure, Currently Creators on Cosmofeed can earn in 5 different ways:

  • First is the Single/Catalogue Product Pages, with these pages they can sell digital or even physical products on a product page that our team has optimized for mobile.
  • Second is Events, like on Cosmofeed creators can host paid offline or virtual events, and earn from that.
  • Another one is Locked Content, they can sell pay-to-view content like trip itineraries, question papers, diet plans, and more and make money from that.

Apart from that, we have the traditional ones such as Courses, where creators can pre-record a course and sell it to their audience.
They can also earn by creating a Community as they can simply create a paid community on Telegram and charge the members a monthly subscription.

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Vivek Yadav: Well, Cosmofeed is committed to staying ahead of the curve in terms of monetization methods. We have a few ideas to make sure that we adapt and innovate to keep up with the trends. A few of them are like:

Continuously monitoring industry trends: We always keep a close eye on the latest trends in the creator economy, such as the rise of new platforms such as Threads. Recently the increasing popularity of live streaming and the growing demand for branded content is something that caught our eye. This helps us to identify new opportunities to monetize content and create new products and services that meet the needs of our creators.

We also Focus a lot on Developing new monetization products and services. This could include things like subscription models, paywalls, tipping, etc. to like ensure our creators have all the options.

Also, Finance is something that creators usually need help to manage. So at Cosmofeed, we make it easy for them to manage their finances by providing them with tools to track their earnings, expenses, taxes, etc. As it helps the creators to make informed financial decisions and grow their businesses.

Also keeping up with the development in tech, we are developing AI tools and products. We hope to introduce AI tools that can be used by creators to increase their earnings.

TechGraph: With the growing interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, some platforms are exploring their integration for content monetization. Has CosmoFeed considered or implemented any blockchain-based solutions to enhance creator monetization on its platform?

Vivek Yadav: Well, we are currently exploring the use of blockchain-based technologies, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to enhance creator monetization.

The use of blockchain technology comes with several benefits for creators, one of them being increased transparency and security. As Blockchain transactions can’t be changed and are transparent, they can help to protect creators from fraud and abuse. With Blockchain and NFT, Creators can also have Greater control over earnings, like when they are paid in cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

They can also open up a ton of new opportunities for creators to monetize their content, such as through tipping, crowdfunding, selling NFTs, etc. So yeah we are keeping an eye on that.

TechGraph: Some content creators might be hesitant to join new platforms due to concerns about revenue stability and payment practices. How does CosmoFeed address these concerns and provide a secure and transparent system for creators to receive their earnings?

Vivek Yadav: We know that we are a new platform and we want to make sure our Creators feel safe and secure about their payments so we have a few safeguards in place to ensure it, like having Revenue stability: We charge a specific platform fee on every transaction. So every amount is settled in the creator’s wallet in real time. This makes sure that creators’ earnings are not affected by the overall performance of our platform.

We also promote transparent payment practices, we believe in being completely honest and that is why Cosmofeed provides creators with clear and transparent information about how their earnings are calculated and paid out. This also includes information about the platform’s fees, withdrawal timelines, disputes, and refunds. So we make sure the creators have access to every piece of information.

Another point we stress upon is our Secure payment system, We use a secure payment system to process payments to creators. This system has inbuilt measures to protect creators’ personal and financial information, such as encryption and fraud detection to make sure that creators receive their earnings without any issues.

TechGraph: User engagement plays a pivotal role in generating revenue for content creators. How does CosmoFeed help creators understand their audience’s preferences and interests to enhance content performance and monetization potential?

Vivek Yadav: Well we have a few tools that help creators understand their audience’s preferences and interests. We offer creators with Audience Insights. These detailed audience insights have information such as the audience demographics, interests, engagement patterns, etc. so that the creators can make content to suit their audience.

We also have a Transaction Dashboard, that provides detailed insights on the transactions. It provides the creator with the successful transaction along with the abandoned transaction. Creators can then use this data to re-market and increase their earnings by over 60%. This helps them to make content their audiences want to consume, and it also generates great revenue for the creators.


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Krishna Mali
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