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How is Bengaluru real estate delivering robust returns?



Residential unit launches rose by 14% annually, according to research by Cushman & Wakefield in the first quarter of 2024. The northern submarket experienced a 45% surge in launches, while the eastern submarket accounted for 35% of the quarterly release of units.

Branded developers accounted for 53% of residential launches. The mid-segment accounted for 69% of launches. Capital values of the east, north, and southern submarkets all rose by 5-6%, with rentals growing by 7-8% in east and southeast Bengaluru every quarter.

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As the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru boasts the building blocks required to draw domestic and foreign investments. This includes the top number of engineering colleges in the nation, in addition to the best management colleges. With this source increasingly becoming the norm, the real estate industry will continue to satisfy the needs of occupiers, homebuyers, and shoppers. Thus, the real estate sector offers a vast opportunity across all commercial, residential, retail, and warehousing categories.

Economic Resilience and Growth

Bengaluru, commonly known as the Tech Capital of India, established itself as the center of technology and innovation and at the same time emerged as a vibrant real estate market. Moreover, the city’s pace of urbanization, the IT boom wave, and the mix of the English lifestyle created a strong demand for real estate of all types.

In the earlier stage of the development of the Bengaluru real estate market, the primary driver, without a doubt, was its position as the IT capital of India. The city boasts several tech parks, IT companies, and software-driven start-ups, exhibiting considerable attraction to a multitude of skilled workers from all around the nation. This influx of software engineers significantly increased demand for residential real estate for both owning and renting.

Places such, as Sarjapur Road, Whitefield, Electronic City, and Outer Ring Road have seen a rise in housing developments to accommodate the growing number of IT professionals. Along with the sector, Bengaluru’s commercial real estate market has also seen growth. The city has been the main choice for both companies and startups for a long time now. The increasing demand for office spaces has resulted in the establishment of business parks and commercial complexes across parts of the city. Areas like Koramangala, MG Road, and Indiranagar are now considered spots, for investing in real estate.

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Infrastructure Development

The city has taken steps to upgrade its infrastructure to cater to the increasing population and bolster its endeavors. Initiatives, like the Metro Rail, Peripheral Ring Road, and traffic routes have notably enhanced connectivity throughout the city. This improved connectivity has led to a surge in real estate demand in regions, with accessibility driving up property prices and rendering them appealing for investment purposes.

The real estate industry in Bengaluru is on the rise due to infrastructure enhancements such as upgrading roads with topping and building railway overpasses and underpasses. Between January and March 2024, Bengaluru stood out as the metro city to exhibit year-on-year growth in both new property listings (up by five percent) and property uptake (up, by 9% ).

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Not only middle-income groups but also high-networth individuals invest in the Bengaluru real estate market to be part of luxurious living. Modern properties such as gated communities, villas, and high-rise apartments can be seen in the city offering lavishness and modern amenities. Areas like Sarjapur Road, Sadashiv Nagar, Lavelle Road, RMV Extension, Dollar Colony, JP Nagar, and Jayanagar are renowned for providing premium properties with a blend of sophistication and urban living. Gated communities in Bengaluru are known for their extravagant layout and security Along with the aesthetic and luxurious appearance of the buildings, many developers are focusing more on eco-living by incorporating more open green spaces.

This blending of advancements in technology, and infrastructure projects along with a thriving and diverse job market drives the demand for property across the board. Bengaluru real estate caters to everyone who wishes to either invest in a home, invest in rentals, or be part of the commercial sector.

The market for real estate in Bengaluru is booming and will follow a similar trend of growth with the city being the hub of technological advancements and attracting young professionals along with giant companies. Bengaluru remains a prime destination for those who wish to be a part of India’s growing urban landscape.


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