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Zen Mobility to Launch a Range of Purpose-built Light Electric Vehicles



Zen Mobility, an emerging Electric Vehicle OEM, conceived with the vision to craft aspirational designs and engineering novelties in electric vehicles, has announced its first range of mobility solutions which include a multi-purpose 4-wheeler LEV called the ‘Zen Maxi Pod’ and a purpose-built cargo 3-wheeler LEV called the ‘Zen Micro Pod’. The company most recently received the ARAI Certificate of Conformity for the Zen Micro Pod.

Guided by the vision to rethink electric mobility to cater to the demands of modern-day mobility and logistics, the Zen Micro Pod and Maxi Pod have been conceptualised using the best-in-class design and technology, enabled with enhanced comfort, convenience, optimized range, and lower cost of ownership. While the Micro Pod, aimed at addressing long-standing problems of riders and delivery partners in Last Mile Delivery, will be unveiled in early 2023, Zen Mobility has also announced its plans to launch a new-age multi-purpose ‘Maxi Pod’ in the following years. Designed in Germany and built indigenously, the Zen Micro Pod and Maxi Pod will be manufactured in India using locally sourced components thereby promoting the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

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“I am delighted to introduce Zen Mobility’s new range of customer-centric Electric Mobility Solutions,” said Namit Jain, Founder and CEO of Zen Mobility. “At Zen Mobility, we have critically analyzed the dynamic and complex nature of scenarios like Last Mile Delivery and intra-city goods mobility, and the challenges that users face during their transit. We have taken a design thinking approach towards conceptualizing and executing solutions in the form of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), the Zen Micro Pod and Zen Maxi Pod that will provide better efficiency, productivity, safety, durability & cost-effectiveness in a range of use-cases and scenarios.”

The Micro Pod, particularly designed to suit the growing and dynamic needs of users in the Last Mile delivery space, is powered by Zen’s patented EV Drivetrain technology and is customizable to suit the varying nature of delivery operations. While the Micro Pod is specifically purpose-built, the Zen Maxi has been designed for both passenger commute as well as goods delivery. The engineering novelties of these vehicles lie in the unique lightweight construction of the composite chassis made from a combination of carbon fibre and glass fibre that enhance the specific performance-to-weight ratio thereby ensuring a much smoother driving experience compared to other EVs or ICEs. The Micro Pod has also undergone several road tests across various parameters including rough roads, steep slopes, water wading tests and has been certified by ARAI for its drivability, maneuverability, durability, and performance.

Emphasizing the importance of tackling perceptual challenges around EVs in the Indian market, Namit Jain added, “We have carefully designed and engineered our vehicles to cater to the aspirations of Indian consumers. People are likely to gravitate towards vehicles that offer better alternatives for problem-solving and are also aesthetically pleasing to look at. Hence, we have streamlined our efforts towards optimizing the design process to not only enable easier handling, longer range, customizable storage options, lower cost of ownership, and a range of in-built technological features, but also style and design our vehicles to look aspirational that would naturally create customer pull.”

By leveraging the rich experience & expertise of its parent organization, the NTF Group’s four-decade-long diverse presence in the auto manufacturing industry, Zen Mobility is gearing towards redefining sustainable mobility by providing customised, built-for-purpose and affordable solutions. Zen comes into the market with an ambitious plan to achieve annual sales of 100,000 units in India and take its new-generation products to the global market as well.

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