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TVS Motors records 17.5% sales rise in December



Automaker giant, TVS Motors has recorded a 17.5 percent increase in its total sales to 2,72,084 units in December 2020.

TVS in its statement said, “The company sold 2,72,084 units in December 2020, as compared to 2,31,571 units that sold in the same month in 2019.”

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The domestic two-wheeler sales increased by 13 percent, and two-wheeler sales by 20%, Where the domestic sales at 1,76,912 units last month as compared to 1,56,244 units for the same month in 2019, and stood two-wheeler sales stood at 2,58,239 units as against 2,15,619 units in December 2019 respectively.

“The total export also increased by 28 percent to 94,269 units last month, compared to 73,512 units in December 2019,” it added.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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