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Tork Motors to Supply Powertrain for Lith PWR Mobility’s 3-Wheelers EV Operations in India



Tork Motors has recently bagged a prestigious order to provide powertrain for Lith Pwr Mobility’ 3-wheelers EV operations in India. The broader objective behind this project is to enhance the availability of green mobility in the country along with creating a pollution-free and peaceful environment by cutting down on the noise aspect completely. Lith Pwr Mobility has successfully executed its pilot project in Thane, Maharashtra in 2021.

Honda Power Pack Energy India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Honda Motor Company will provide only Battery as a Service (BaaS) swapping solution, under the partnership.

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Corrigendum: Further to the press release shared on August 23, 2022, titled-Lith Pwr Mobility Launches its own brand of Electric 3Ws in India; is powered by Tork Motors’ powertrain and Honda’s swappable battery packs, Lith Pwr Mobility & Tork Motors would like to clarify that the fleet launched by Lith Pwr Mobility in collaboration with Tork Motors is compatible with Honda’s MPP (Mobile Power Pack) and using Honda Power Pack Energy BaaS Services in Bengaluru. Furthermore, under the partnership, Honda Power Pack Energy India Pvt Ltd is not involved in any 3-wheeler development and association is limited to provide battery sharing services to fleet launched by Lith Pwr Mobility. Hence, we apologize to the media houses and Honda for any inconvenience caused due to inappropriate communication earlier.


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