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Superplum Launches Traceable & Safe to Eat Grapes in Plastic Free Packaging



The fresh produce industry in India has been long plagued by high levels of pesticides in grapes. While India has become one of the world’s largest table grape exporters by following global standards for pesticide residues, most Indian consumers have to consume grapes with high contaminant levels in their own country.

Superplums eco-friendly packaging​

Superplum, a Noida-based startup, is taking a step to rectify this by providing consumers with safe-to-eat grapes that are tested for pesticides. Farm practices and growing methods are analysed before harvesting, and grapes are then tested by NABL-accredited labs to ensure food safety.

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Superplum is committed to promoting transparency with customers by allowing them to view these pesticide test reports by scanning the QR code on their packaging. This gives customers information about where their grapes were grown, which farmer produced them, and even offers them the opportunity to reward the farmer with a bonus payment.

In an effort to improve sustainability, Superplum has now announced eco-friendly packaging with zero plastic for their farm-fresh grapes. With Indians consuming grapes in millions of plastic packs, this small change can help reduce our ecological footprint. Consumers will not only eat healthier, but they can also help contribute positively to the environment.

Superplum’s fresh grapes in their all-new eco-friendly packaging are now available online and in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru stores.

For more information, please visit our website: www.superplum.com

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About Superplum
Superplum, a start-up backed by some of Silicon Valleys most notable investors, has been addressing Indian agricultures endemic issues since 2020 by building the countrys most sophisticated supply chain for fresh produce. The company works with farmers across the country to ensure product quality right from the source. Their fruits are delivered to over 500 stores in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, including Spar, Lulu Hypermarket, and Star Bazaar. They are also available on Amazon Fresh and other online channels. With a fully digitized system, each product is fully traceable from the farm to the consumer via a QR code seamlessly integrated into their vibrant packaging.

Website: www.superplum.com.


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