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SG Auto Assist announces new initiatives for sustainable future



Gurugram based roadside assistance company, SG Auto Assist (formerly known as Sahayata Global Assistance Pvt Ltd.) announced new initiatives ‘RSA 4 ALL’ & Adaption of Electric Vehicles as Service Fleet for sustainable future.

This announcement was made along with the celebration of SG Auto Assist’s 6th Foundation Anniversary this month. 

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SG Auto Assist’s Founder & CEO Mr. Hitesh Sharma announced the new initiative ‘RSA 4 ALL’. Through this initiative, SG Auto Assist will expand its roadside assistance services to 2 Wheelers, Electric Vehicles (2W, 4W & Commercial Vehicles) and Commercial Vehicles (LCV, Trucks & Buses, etc.) along with existing expertise of 4W (Passenger Cars) Roadside Assistance. 

Mr. Sharma also mentioned that with RSA 4 All, SG Auto Assist will provide AMC and other service-related support with Charging and Battery Swapping solutions specifically designed for Electric Vehicles across India.

The board has also decided to adopt Electric Vehicles (2W & 4W) as service fleet. Till next FY, the company plans to shift 1.5K – 2K petrol bikes, scooty & service cars to Electric Vehicles. The Strategic Partnership Team of SG Auto Assist is already in talks with a few EV OEMs and NBFCs.

SG Auto Assist organized a virtual annual meeting with board members and advisors where Business Strategies, Expansion, and Strategic Associations were discussed. 

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Despite the pandemic and nationwide lockdown, the company achieved 5x growth in Revenue with 12.36% profit in last FY (2020-21).

Keeping employee’s health in mind, the company announced a free vaccination drive for employees and their families. For their on-ground team and the general public, SG Auto Assist also set up an assistance center during the 2nd Wave of COVID-19 to assist Hospitals & other medical necessities.

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