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Renault India plans to double its sales in 2 to 3 years

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French car maker Renault has lined up aggressive plans to double sales volumes in three years by introducing new products and upgrading some existing models, according to a top official.

Venkatram Mamillapalle, who recently succeeded Sumit Sawhney as Renault India, Country CEO and Managing Director, said that as a mid-term plan, the company was looking at doubling sales volume to 150,000 units in three years (from the current 80,000 units).

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“We also have new product launches in 2019 and 2020. Two new products will be launched, one in July (2019) and the other, the year after that,” he told PTI.

Besides, the company would also look at upgrading existing hatchback models Kwid and sports utility vehicle Duster, he said.

To a query, Mamillapalle said he has lined up three objectives for the company over the next two-three years.

“I have three things. One, is whole organisation should work as one team, one ambition. That is the primary objective. Because we have many legal entities. We have to drive as one team with one ambition”, he said.

The goal was to sell cars profitably and for customers to accept the products so that there is an increase in volume.

“This ambition should translate into everybody’s performance in reality, that is in the real sense”. The second objective, he said, was to protect the consumer. “To deliver quality products, focus on engineering, manufacturing, suppliers as well as the dealers. That is the second focus,” he said.

The third was to double the sales volume. Asked whether Renault had achieved its earlier target of garnering five percent market share, he said five percent market share translates to 1,50,000 volume.

“I am thinking better than that. Right now, we are half way through”.

“Currently, efforts are on to reach that objective. It is not my wish which will make things happen. It is team work from all directions like suppliers, plant, engineering, dealers”, he said.

Asked whether the Carlos Ghosn episode had impacted the company, he said “I do not think so. That is different. I do not think any customer looks at something (like that) and buys (our products)”.

Ghosn chief of Nissan Motor Corp was arrested on November 19, 2018 sending shock waves in business world over suspicions of financial misconduct.

A Tokyo court granted the business tycoon bail on March 5.

Ghosn forged successful alliance between Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors and Renault.

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