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Rejove Aligners Shows their Commitment towards Making Dental Aligners Affordable in India



During the 16th edition of India’s largest dental exhibition, Expodent International India 2022 – Rejove Aligners showcased a wide array of clear dental aligners which are affordable and easy to use by all age groups. They received a great response from doctors during the 3-day exhibition. Being one of India’s largest dental healthcare events, the Expodent International India, 2022 acts as a platform for members of the dental fraternity to showcase innovative solutions capable of answering some of the most complicated issues that are being faced across India’s dental industry. Spanning across 20,704 Sqm, the exhibition featured over 1,000 stalls and 25,000+ visitors.

Rejove Team at International Expodent India 2022

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Rejove Aligners reiterated its commitment towards revamping dental healthcare in India during this exhibition as they showcased some of the cases of cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, 3D printing, etc within the orthodontic industry. One of the key solutions that were on display by Rejove was their line of transparent aligners, which are a less obtrusive, less taxing, and more affordable alternative to braces as well as other aligners.

Rejove Aligners Team

Dr. Priyanka Goyat, Orthodontist, Cosmetologist, and Co-founder, of Rejove Aligners, said, “Dental care is probably one of the most neglected aspects of healthcare in India. As per a recent industry report, the National Consumer Usage and Attitude Survey (CUAS); only 3 out of every 100 respondents said they visited dentists at least once a year. This exhibits the sad reality of dental healthcare in India.”

She further added, “Technology is poised to play an integral role in addressing the concerns around dental care in India, be it in the terms of products and services provided or how they are provided. With new-age technologies such as nanorobotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and 3D scanning in place, we are not only able to provide best-in-class services to our patients by effectively diagnosing their medical condition and evaluating the best treatment plan possible, but we are also able to provide them with a glimpse what they might look like following the successful completion of the treatment.”

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By highlighting her commitment towards making aligners more accessible and more affordable, Dr. Goyat is ensuring more effective and convenient way of solving teeth misalignment problems.


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