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One Electric Launches Tailormade Electric Scooter for Last Mile Delivery Operations



Noida based One Electric announced the launch of their 2nd electric two wheeler, which is also designed, developed and made in India. This makes One Electric one of the few companies to have developed multiple EV products from ground up, where other players either have a single product or launch multiple Chinese products.


We are proud to launch our take on the ‘Perfect delivery Vehicle‘ for the Indian market,” shares Gaurav Uppal, CEO, One Electric. “Kridn XR, crossover between a scooter and a motorcycle, was designed with data input of thousands of delivery vehicles plying in last mile operations which set the product requirements. Every feature is a requirement of the delivery rider, who works gruelling hours in tough conditions everyday. Whether it’s the big wheels to handle the potholes, large seat to easily carry load, ample space near feet to carry the bag or heavy duty suspension, these features assist the rider simplify his work while enhancing safety.”

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Abhijeet Shah, COO, One Electric adds, “A heavy duty chassis, 55 kmph top speed, 100 km range per charge and 3+2 years warranty are the other prerequisites of the last mile market. Although hub motors in 10 or 12 inch wheels are most economical and have good range, they fail to deliver torque with heavy loads, specially in the middle of a flyover. Furthermore, they struggle with a pillion rider on bigger gradients. This is why after multiple drive train evaluations we opted for a suitable mid drive motor, while keeping the battery swappable.”

The company plans to launch KRIDN XR in early June, showcasing it to last mile delivery companies and giving demos to their riders. Deliveries are planned for July 2023.

Regarding the export potential Gaurav Uppal adds, “We make products with focus on multiple markets across the globe. KRIDN XR is a good fit for the Indian, European and South East Asian markets like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines etc. In some countries, 70 – 80 kmph is the minimum acceptable speed. We have kept our systems and design modular, to quickly meet these different requirements.”

Gaurav Uppal also shared that the launch in June will be a global event, with focus on India, Africa, Europe and South East Asia as well. The company plans to push sales and find strategic partners in these regions during the launch.

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The KRIDN motorcycle model of One Electric is already popular in multiple African countries, and a new model is also expected soon.

With multiple products across multiple continents, One Electric is aiming to become a global player in Electric Two-wheeler market by 2025.


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