HomeAutoOkaya EV Commits to complete Safety and Becomes one of the First Brands to Receive ICAT Certification Under AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 2

Okaya EV Commits to complete Safety and Becomes one of the First Brands to Receive ICAT Certification Under AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 2



Okaya Electric Vehicles (EV), Indias fastest-growing electric vehicle brand, has received ICAT certification for its electric vehicles under AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 2, which covers safety requirements for electric vehicles and includes designing, constructing, and testing the battery pack and its components to ensure they meet the safety standards set by the government. With the AIS 156 Phase 2 certification, Okaya EV has now become one of the first EV manufacturers in the two-wheeler segment to move towards complete compliance with the new norms.

The companys electric two wheelers are equipped with an LFP (Lithium iron phosphate) battery that is both waterproof and dustproof and has a longer lifespan compared to an MNC battery

Okaya EV supports advancements in battery safety, reliability, and performance, including high-standard wires & chargers with overcharging protection, thermal protection, audio-visual warning systems, and smart BMS. The company has also added an additional safety feature in the form of a buzzer to alert the rider at least 5 minutes prior to thermal runaway. Additionally, it has an IP67 rating that ensures all critical components of the vehicle are protected from dust and water.

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The companys high-performing EV two-wheelers are equipped with an LFP (Lithium iron phosphate) battery that is waterproof and dustproof and has a longer lifespan than NMC battery. LFP batteries are extremely safe and able to function very well in high-temperature Indian weather conditions and have improved discharge and charge efficiency. The amazing chemistry of the LFP battery provides a stable output for longer operating times in any condition.

Commenting on the latest development Mr. Anshul Gupta, Managing Director, Okaya Electric Vehicles said, “For us, customer safety is the top priority. And receiving the ICAT certification under AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 2 further demonstrates our commitment to provide safe and premium electric vehicles to customers. Our extensive experience in battery technology has allowed us to develop the safest electric vehicles for our customers. The certification process involves comprehensive tests to ensure that our vehicle can withstand various factors. We believe that this certification will enhance customers trust in electric vehicles and assure them of their safety and reliability. We will continue to bring innovative technological advancements to provide a smooth and safe EV-owning experience and contribute to the governments initiative to promote electric mobility in India.”

About Okaya EV

A frontrunner in India’s electric mobility space, Okaya Electric Vehicles (Okaya EV) offers a wide array of EV solutions such as EVs, EV charging and battery swapping solutions. Synonymous with trust and quality, Okaya Group is a pioneer in battery manufacturing in India for four decades. It has over 130 million satisfied customers, spread across 4, 61,000 villages, towns and cities in 42 countries and 5 continents. Okaya Group is a significant player in the multiple fields including the likes of electric vehicles, EV charging stations, auto components, energy storage systems, lithium and lead acid batteries, solar street lights, solar home lighting systems, uninterrupted power supplies, inverters, stabilisers, MCB, MCCB, circuit breakers, wires, cables, and medical electronics under the Okaya and Microtek brands. Okaya has also introduced the Environmental Management System and Environmental Policy System under its CSR efforts. Additionally, in cohesion with its dedication to environment preservation, Okaya EV has entered the EV segment in its persistent bid to provide Indian customers with affordable, sustainable and clean mobility via its line of Zero Emission Electric Two-Wheelers.


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