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How Autonomous Cars Will Change Our Lives



Autonomous cars are no longer the future – they are closer to becoming a reality than ever before, and when they do go mainstream, you can expect them to change our lives in a number of Surprising ways, including the following:

Fewer car owners

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When autonomous cars become ubiquitous, there is likely to be a significant drop in the number of people who actually own a vehicle. Why? Because using your mobile device, you will be able to order a driverless car to pick you and drop you off at your destination, which means you won’t need to spend a fortune on buying and maintaining your own car. This will be great for the environment, especially when electric autonomous vehicles are rolled out, good for neighborhoods, and good for all our wallets. 

Infrastructure changes

Right now, most of our town and city centers are set up for cars. When autonomous vehicles are more common, this is likely to change with a greater focus on pedestrians and cyclists. This will be possible because driverless cars are more precise in their movements, making them safer, and also because as mentioned above, fewer cars will be on the roads. This will be a win for pretty much everyone.

Onboard entertainment

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Okay, so you can already listen to music, and your passengers can maybe watch a DVD player or tablet in the car, but when autonomous cars become the norm, you’ll be able to play Madalin Stunt Cars 3 or World of Warcraft in the car or watch your favorite movies yourself. Heck, it’s already possible to play games in the Tesla, so if this sounds a little far-fetched, it really isn’t.

Businesses will be mobile

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It may sound fanciful, but many experts believe that, when autonomous vehicles are rolled out more widely, instead of us going to the town or city center to do business, the business will come to us. Offices will be placed in vans where they will be able to automatically drive to you when you have a need. It will certainly make those annoying appointments a bit easier to deal with!

Disabled people will have more independence

Perhaps one of the best things about autonomous vehicles is the potential for disabled people to live more fulfilling and independent lives. When cars are truly driverless, disabled individuals will be able to use them to get around without the help of anyone else. They will be able to book an autonomous shuttle car whenever they want and it will use cameras, lasers, and other tech, to keep them safe on their trips. This will be an amazing change to the quality of life that many people are currently experiencing, although it may be a little while off yet.

Fewer deaths

This one, perhaps,  isn‘t surprising, but when tech is doing the driving, chances are there will be far fewer car accidents, and fewer deaths, Human error is the cause of most car crashes so this makes sense and it will be most welcome when it comes to fruition.

Autonomous cars really will change our lives for the better!


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder, CEO & Group Editor of TechGraph.

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