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Brand Leaders At Their Best Post Covid-19 To Retain Themselves In The Market



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Are you a business owner like many others? Yes!

This makes one thing certain, the pandemic has rocked your world!

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Be it dealing with the change in cash flow or the marketing strategies for managing your human resources, you must have adopted some kind of change for the time being and the future with the ‘new normal’ environment.

With digital becoming the buzzword and the global transition of every sector’s way of working, the most important role is that of a leader. Truly, it is the leader who has sustained the workflow of the organization and will in the near future. And these challenging times have made us realize this more than ever in history.  

It is the leadership that puts things together in the aptest manner that ultimately adds to the success of any kind of business. And the test times are the times of crisis like the one we are dealing with.!

The fact that everybody was locked in the homes, all the markets have suffered more or less the same. And therefore at the corporate level, the need of the hour is to think of some fundamental changes to keep the business active and organized, the most crucial being decentralization of the old command and controlled organizational structures. 

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Why Is It Important To Strengthen Brand Credibility Post Covid-19?

Indeed an important consideration! And the answer is very natural, to sustain the business and to stay afloat in the market. 

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But how do we get there? Pandemic or not, reaching out to your potential customers has always been the fundamentals of any business. Of course, the pandemic has made this task quite tricky and businesses have to anticipate and adapt according to the constantly varying needs and demands of the present age tech-driven consumers.! 

Here’s something interesting, we as leaders of our well-established businesses or even the startups have an opportunity. Why not grab it!  

Undoubtedly times are tough, so are we! It’s time to rethink and refocus and get the best out of the marketing skills and tactics. All you need to do is to put in more effort in strategizing your plans to better market your customers and there you go.

So what can be done?

One is to improve your online presence. Oh yes! Very important in the present scenario! Taking the marketing strategies to social will work wonders for any business, believe it or not! Any business must create its presence online and be proactive in what’s happening around. 

The best way to kick things up online is to start or join more conversations and post relatable content more frequently or you can utilize the sponsored or paid ads or try some kind of promotional moves to keep the consumers intact in the loop.  

So think of giving your business a nice boost by optimizing it with valuable and rich content and a superb user experience! And the best time ever to go for it is now! One amazing thing stats reveal, thanks to the deadly virus in this way, the online presence has surged 50-70% during these times. 

What else a brand can do is, re-adjust and tweak the marketing strategies! Sounds interesting and it works!

Try adjusting the media investments considering and understanding the current mood of the customers. There is no way to build your brand’s credibility than nurturing your loyal base with the best experiences and services instead of prioritizing the focus and targeting the newer ones. ‘Hit the iron when it is hot’, this proverb fits the best for businesses these days! It’s time to spice up your marketing moves with more SEO, keywords and out of box, creatives to draw in more customers and keep your business booming and flourishing. 

Re-assuring your customers and igniting the sense of positivity in them at such tough times is gonna take your business to newer heights, so never underestimate or ignore your customers!

How much successfully your brand will run depends on how well your ‘virtual’ relationships work, rather than how well you can build and sustain them. An honest and considerate communication would turn out as a reward in the future because you will be able to empathize with the public in general and the sense of being thoughtful will be worth it.!


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Abhishek Kumar Gupta
Abhishek Kumar Gupta
Abhishek Kumar Gupta is Community Head of the most active startup community "startup Delhi" & Founder of nextbigbrand. Mentor @ IIM Kashipur & AIC-RNTU | Speaker at IIT, DTU, IMT Ghaziabad.

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