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Best Agrolife Ltd Bags New Technical and Formulations Registrations from CIBRC

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Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL) (BSE: BESTAGRO 539660), one of the top agrochemical companies in India, has obtained registrations from Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee (CIBRC) to indigenously manufacture five new technicals which have the potential to benefit Indian agriculture immensely and increase the crop production by eliminating harmful herbs and pests. These technicals are Ametryn, Metiram, Clothianidin, Cyazofamid, Pinoxaden and a 9(3) FIM vs FI registration for Metiram 55% + Pyraclostrobin 5% WG.

Talking individually about the formulations, Ametryn is a herbicide used to control broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in pineapple, sugarcane and bananas and for general weed control in corn and potato crops. Metiram, on the other hand, is a broad-spectrum fungicide that protects fruits, vegetables, field crops, and ornamentals from foliar diseases and damping off. It can also prevent crop damage in the field and during storage and transportation. Clothianidin is used against piercing-sucking insects of major crops like corn, soybeans, leafy greens, and fruits. It is one of the seven insecticides within the neonicotinoid class with low mammalian toxicity. The fourth technical, Cyazofamid, is a protectant fungicide that inhibits all stages of fungal development in potatoes and tomatoes. Pinoxaden, a pro-herbicide, is beneficial in controlling grass weeds in wheat, barley, and other cereal crops. The last in the list, a 9(3) FIM vs FI registration for Metiram 55% + Pyraclostrobin 5% WG, is a highly effective fungicide to control early blight disease in tomatoes, late blight disease in potatoes, and downy mildew disease in grapes.

Vimal Alawadhi, MD, Best Agrolife Ltd said, “BAL focuses on introducing technologically advanced, diversified, cost-effective, and sustainable crop solutions. It helps farmers protect their crops, increase yield and improve their lives in general. These new registrations will also create huge growth opportunities for BAL this year as there is high demand for these technicals and their formulations in the domestic and international markets. Moreover, the beefed-up portfolio will strengthen our farmer base and will expand our domestic & global distribution network further. We plan to launch these products in the first quarter of FY 2023-24 and expect that these products will generate revenue of around Rs. 500 cr for the company.”

It is important to note that besides acquiring the registration for the indigenous manufacturing of Cyhalofop-butyl (Market size: Rs. 350 Cr.) and Propaquizafop Technical u/s 9(3) from CIBRC, BAL has also received registrations for the indigenous manufacturing of Mepiquat Chloride, Metalaxyl, Metolachlor, Flonicamid, Clomazone, Ethiprole, Thiacloprid, Halosulfuron Methyl, and Dodine technicals at the beginning of this month.

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About BAL

BAL is a research-based company focused on bringing world-class and cost-effective crop solutions in the form of novel agrochemical formulations to the agricultural industry to improve crop productivity. Currently, BAL has 7,000 MTPA and 30,000 MTPA technicals and formulation manufacturing capacity at its three manufacturing plants in Gajaraula, Greater Noida, and Jammu & Kashmir. It has more than 5200 distributors in India and retains an unrivalled portfolio of 360+ formulations and over 80 technical manufacturing licenses. The company introduced many innovative and highly effective products this year, including Axeman, Ronfen, Warden, Citigen, Vistara, and Tombo, to name a few. Besides the above products, BAL has been granted the patent for the first-of-its-kind fungicidal composition of Cyazofamid, Dimethomorph, and Difenoconazole and registration for the indigenous manufacturing of Pyroxasulfone technical. While CARE Ratings Limited assigned a ‘CARE A-‘ rating to the company’s long-term bank facilities, BAL also moved to group A from Group B of companies on BSE.

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