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3G finally arrives in Cuba but at a higher price



Finally, 3G has arrived in Cuba on Thursday, but the people have to pay the colossal amount to access 3G on their cell phone.

Announcing the deal on television on Tuesday night, Cuba’s state telecom monopoly ETECSA’s executive said that “the 3G internet packet will come at a range from 600MB for 7 convertible Cuban pesos ($7) to 4GB for 30 Cuban pesos ($30).

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ETECSA on its website said that “the rollout of 3G across the country will take place from Thursday to Sunday.” It also noted that “the increased access to the internet was part of Cuba’s digitalization of society.”

According to Trading Economics reports “The average salary the people took home in Cuba is equating to around $30 per month.”

About Cuba:

Cuba is a Caribbean island nation, which comes under communist rule, the country got its first state-run internet cafes in 2013, and the citizen has only access to home internet and public WiFi hotspots in 2017.

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In 2017, Google was the first company to have their servers in Cuba and the first foreign internet company to host content in the country.


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