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Zobox & The Future of Refurbished Phones in India: An Interview With Neeraj Chopra



In this interview, Zobox Founder Neeraj Chopra spoke about the increased demand for refurbished phones in India and how Zobox plans to diversify and revolutionize the used mobile ecosystem in the country.

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TechGraph: The refurbished phone market in India has witnessed significant growth in recent years. What do you attribute this surge in demand to, and how has it impacted Zobox’s business strategy?

Neeraj Chopra: Growth of the refurbished market in India has seen an exponential upward chart in the past couple of years. The 19 % growth index has created a positive impact on Zobox and we have been working on more low-cost and high-quality in the refurbished segment. Already, we are braced up and the Indian refurbished and used phone market will see a stellar uptrend.

Zobox’s business strategy has been diversified by the surge and we have been expanding the refurbished vertical and the inculcation of tech and innovation is seen. We are hopeful of a 2X growth chart in a couple of years.

TechGraph: Consumers often have concerns about the quality and reliability of refurbished phones. Could you shed some light on the rigorous quality control processes implemented by Zobox to ensure customer satisfaction and build trust in the market?

Neeraj Chopra: This is the apt question when it comes to the quality and credibility of the refurbished or used phones. This is eradicated by our model that was evolved by intense brainstorming called ZRP, here we have graded the refurbished phones.

TechGraph: With the rise of the circular economy and increasing environmental awareness, refurbished products are becoming more appealing. How does Zobox align its sustainability efforts with the refurbished phone market, and what initiatives have been undertaken to promote eco-friendly practices?

Neeraj Chopra: A circular economy is the only way to survive in the present and future. In this, we are working on three key aspects, reusing, refurbishing, and recycling. The major aim is to extend the life cycle of the products, particularly electronics.

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At Zobox, we are working endlessly towards three parameters, making the extended life span of smartphones. We have built a resilient system that is beneficial for businesses and for the environment.

We give second life to devices thus making the environment more and more greener by conserving the resources and conserving resources and we are soon setting up e-waste plants.

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TechGraph: Pricing is a critical factor for consumers considering refurbished phones. How does Zobox approach pricing strategies to remain competitive while offering high-quality devices?

Neeraj Chopra: We have seen an increase in the buying behavior of customers in terms of smartphones as they have extremely easy EMI options available. However, when it comes to the used smartphones sector very less such policies are being implemented by the private and government sectors.

As we have created a competitive pricing system that fulfills the needs of the B2B and B2C sectors by offering high-quality devices, I still feel there is a lot to be done on the refurbished policy front so that end user purchasing power can be increased while buying gadgets.

The after-sales service and warranty are essential aspects that customers consider when purchasing refurbished phones. Could you elaborate on the customer support services and warranty policies provided by Zobox?

We provide 24 x 7 customer care services and our warranty policies include six to 1 year depending on the device. Usually, refurbished phones come with a year-old warranty. We hold strong policies on warranty as this is a prime criterion for trust building for this sector.

TechGraph: As the Indian smartphone market continues to evolve, how do you see the role of refurbished phones in the overall mobile device ecosystem in the years to come? What potential opportunities do you foresee for Zobox in this changing market?

Neeraj Chopra: Zobox has already tapped the market across nations and is planning to diversify to create a whole new spectrum of organized refurbished sectors.

Evolution is everlasting and Zobox is planning to revolutionise the used mobile ecosystem as never before. Our supply chain is innovative and enhanced with AI that provides seamless service to our customers, which are both B2B and B2C.

One of the major opportunities is that the market size of Indian refurbished and used mobile phones is mammoth and we need to penetrate it further.

TechGraph: With the rapid pace of technological advancements, the average lifespan of smartphones has been reducing. How does Zobox address this issue and promote the concept of extending the lifecycle of electronic devices through refurbishment?

Neeraj Chopra: This is the core issue Zobox is addressing and we have created ZRP that helps us to enhance the average lifespan of the smartphone by keeping the pricing factor in mind. We have designed our grading criteria and this has been brainstormed for months before implementation already we had a pilot run as well.

In this, we are providing our customers, be they B2B or B2C, the best of the refurbished gadgets, with warranties, billing, and a coherent supply chain.

Neeraj Chopra: Zobox themselves are setting trends by educating and creating awareness on refurbished gadgets, particularly smartphones. The changes are already anticipated well by our expert team and we are working on similar lines. We have created a complete hi-tech system with the inclusion of AI for a smooth supply chain.

We are also growing the confidence of our customers by providing warranties and authorized billing. End-to-end customer care solutions for both B2B and B2C are utmost essential and this niche is already tapped by us.


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