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Navigating Regulatory Skies: Prateek Srivastava On DroneAcharya’s Role In India’s Drone Ecosystem



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In an interview with TechGraph, DroneAcharya Aerial Innovation’s Managing Director and Founder, Prateek Srivastava spoke about the company’s multifaceted role in establishing indigenous drone manufacturing facilities in India, and about Droneacharya’s dual focus on sector-specific empowerment and regulatory adherence, illustrating its innovative drive in the drone domain.

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TechGraph: India has seen a significant increase in drone adoption across various sectors in recent years. How has DroneAcharya positioned itself in the Indian drone market and what unique contributions does it bring to the table?

Prateek Srivastava: DroneAcharya has established itself as a leading enterprise in India’s drone market, offering comprehensive solutions encompassing training, EdTech services, drone-based offerings, and manufacturing capabilities.

The company stands out through its holistic approach, industry collaborations, research focus, community engagement, and manufacturing prowess.

Notable contributions include upskilling and certifying talent in drone and GIS industries, delivering high-quality drone survey and data processing services, partnering with educational institutions to educate students, collaborating with industry experts to showcase drone and GIS capabilities, and being the first Indian drone startup to in still trust in emerging ventures.

TechGraph: With the evolving regulatory landscape in India, including the introduction of the Digital Sky Platform, how has DroneAcharya adapted its operations and strategies to comply with regulations while continuing to offer innovative drone solutions?

Prateek Srivastava: We proactively adjust our strategies and operations to comply with evolving drone regulations in India while continuing to offer innovative drone solutions.

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We achieve this through regulatory expertise, integrating compliance into training, collaborating with regulatory bodies, using the Digital Sky Platform, prioritizing safety, and maintaining ongoing adaptability to regulatory changes.

TechGraph: India’s drone market spans diverse industries, from agriculture and logistics to surveillance and filmmaking. Could you elaborate on the specific sectors that DroneAcharya has targeted, and how your drone solutions have addressed the unique challenges and requirements within these sectors?

Prateek Srivastava: DroneAcharya is a company that specializes in providing drone solutions for various sectors in the Indian market. we offer comprehensive training and education programs for individuals looking to operate drones in different industries.

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In agriculture, our drone solutions help farmers monitor crops and optimize farming practices. In mining, we conduct aerial surveys and analysis for better resource management.

For construction, drones are used for surveys and monitoring, improving project management efficiency. Infrastructure inspections benefit from their drones, which identify maintenance needs and enhance safety. In the energy sector, we assist in inspecting power lines and infrastructure, reducing downtime.

Lastly, in defense and security, DroneAcharya collaborates with agencies to develop customized drone solutions for surveillance and reconnaissance, improving situational awareness and threat detection.

TechGraph: The drone industry often faces concerns about privacy, security, and public safety. How does DroneAcharya ensure responsible drone usage and address these concerns while maximizing drone technology benefits?

Prateek Srivastava: DroneAcharya prioritizes compliance with aviation regulations in India, ensuring all drone operations are legal and have the necessary permits. They emphasize safety training and best practices to mitigate risks and promote responsible drone use.

The company respects privacy by educating customers on ethical data handling and obtaining permissions for aerial surveillance. Security measures are implemented to prevent unauthorized drone access and misuse.

DroneAcharya actively engages in public awareness and education campaigns, advocating responsible drone usage and addressing privacy, security, and safety concerns. We also spread information about current regulations and safety protocols through social media and training programs.

TechGraph: The use of drones for last-mile delivery and e-commerce logistics has gained considerable attention. How does DroneAcharya envision the future of drone delivery in India? What steps are being taken to overcome hurdles such as air traffic management, infrastructure, and public acceptance?

Prateek Srivastava: We are actively involved in advancing drone delivery through collaboration with industry leaders like Flipkart and Reliance Jio. We are engaged with regulatory authorities to help shape drone delivery regulations, ensuring safety and efficiency.

We also focus on developing air traffic management systems tailored for drones and prioritize public awareness and acceptance by conducting campaigns and educational initiatives to inform the public about the benefits and responsible use of drone delivery, aiming to build trust and support for this innovative technology.

TechGraph: What are some of the latest drone technology advancements DroneAcharya has achieved? How do these innovations contribute to enhancing performance, safety, and efficiency in Indian drone operations?

Prateek Srivastava: We have integrated AI algorithms into our drone solutions for real-time data analysis and automated decision-making. We’ve invested in high-end data processing capabilities, using powerful processors and cloud-based solutions to efficiently handle large datasets.

Additionally, we employ distributed processing, distributing computational tasks across multiple resources to accelerate data processing and improve operational efficiency, ultimately leading to quicker data analysis and actionable insights.

TechGraph: Collaboration and partnerships often play a crucial role in driving innovation. Could you shed light on any strategic alliances or collaborations that DroneAcharya has established to strengthen its position in the Indian drone market and foster technological advancements?

Prateek Srivastava: We have established significant collaborations to enhance the drone industry’s growth. We’re partnered with Rashtriya Raksha University, Gujarat, for defense training and projects.

Additionally, a collaboration with Tata Strive focuses on inclusivity and providing drone training to individuals who may not afford it. We’ve also joined forces with Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, offering courses in aerial cinematography and filmmaking using drones.

Furthermore, DroneAcharya is working with Savitribai Phule Pune University to disseminate drone knowledge across a network of educational institutions.

Moreover, we have a collaboration with the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, for training, research, and upskilling programs, strengthening our presence in Thailand. We have a strategic partnership with GridBots, SPH Engineering, and Studio Trika to foster business development, product manufacturing, and mutual services in the drone industry.

TechGraph: The Indian government has expressed its interest in promoting indigenous drone manufacturing under the “Make in India” initiative. What are DroneAcharya’s plans or initiatives to support local manufacturing and contribute to the Indian drone industry’s growth?

Prateek Srivastava: DroneAcharya is committed to establishing manufacturing facilities in India, strengthening the domestic supply chain, offering skill development, and training programs, investing in research and development, and forming partnerships with local manufacturers. These initiatives collectively contribute to the growth of the Indian drone industry, create job opportunities, and promote indigenous drone manufacturing capabilities.

TechGraph: As the drone market in India evolves, what are some of the key challenges DroneAcharya anticipates and how do you plan to overcome them? Are there any specific industry-wide changes or developments that you believe will shape the drone future in India?

Prateek Srivastava: We plan to ensure regulatory compliance in India, engage with government authorities, and actively stay updated on drone regulations. We aim to build public acceptance through outreach programs, workshops, and demonstrations, emphasizing responsible drone usage.

  • Continuous innovation and R&D collaborations are key to staying competitive and bringing cutting-edge solutions to the market.
  • DroneAcharya focuses on skilled workforce development and partnerships with educational institutions to bridge the skills gap.
  • DroneAcharya anticipates the integration of advanced technologies like AI and ML in drones, leading to more efficient operations.

We also expect expanded drone applications in sectors like agriculture, logistics, and healthcare. Policy and regulatory developments, such as BVLOS operations and relaxed airspace restrictions, are seen as opportunities for industry growth.

TechGraph: Finally, could you give us a glimpse into DroneAcharya’s future roadmap for the Indian drone market? What can we expect in terms of new products, services, or strategic directions in the coming years?

Prateek Srivastava: DroneAcharya is dedicated to developing advanced drone solutions across various industries, expanding global training programs, fostering strategic collaborations, and actively embracing emerging technologies like AI and machine learning to enhance drone applications and operational efficiency.


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Krishna Mali
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