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The Microbook Revolution: Oter Founder Gaurav Khanna On Redefining Learning Experience With Microbooks



In an interview with TechGraph, Gaurav Khanna, Founder of Oter, talks about the microbooks and how the app is reshaping reading habits for busy professionals and students by offering curated insights from both non-fiction and fiction titles and revolutionizing traditional reading formats by supplying easily digestible content for continued personal growth.

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TechGraph: How does the concept of Microbooks contribute to Oter’s mission of supporting users in their self-improvement journey? What advantages do you believe Microbooks offer over traditional book formats?

Gaurav Khanna: Microbooks are designed to fit into the hectic lives of busy professionals and students who are full of curiosity but low on time. By consolidating must-read highlights from top non-fiction (and fiction) books into text and audio formats we call Microbooks, we bring them key ideas and useful insights from titles they want to get to reading but can’t.

Our Microbooks are curated into challenges that serve as milestones on the users’ journeys toward the goals they select when they join the app. By fitting into the small pockets of time that a reader might find in the middle of the day, Oter helps them in their personal development.

Oter is not a book replacement app though. What we offer is not short summaries and do offer advantages over traditional book formats, what we offer is an easy format for knowledge sharing, for those who want to learn but don’t have either the time or inclination to get down to reading from a book.

TechGraph: In a world saturated with digital distractions, how does Oter plan to capture and retain users’ attention, especially considering the abundance of self-improvement apps and platforms available?

Gaurav Khanna: Oter distinguishes itself as more than just an e-reader or a short-summary app. It is positioned as the first and ONLY Microbook platform, providing users with expert information, wisdom, and insights from authors worldwide across diverse areas of interest and expertise.

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This unique content format, created by Oter, offers easily digestible, accessible insights, setting it apart from other apps in the market. With Oter, the emphasis goes beyond passive reading; it’s about building awareness and stickiness for the Microbook format.

Recognizing the challenge of retaining users’ attention in a digital world filled with distractions and numerous self-improvement apps, Oter strategically introduces microbooks as bite-sized insights that require just 15 minutes a day. This approach aligns with the fast-paced nature of modern life, presenting a time-efficient solution for continuous self-improvement.

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The incorporation of gamification, fostering a “You vs You” mindset, and employing positive reinforcement techniques further sets Oter apart, making it a compelling and accessible platform for individuals committed to their growth journey.

Gaurav Khanna: Reading formats are forever evolving. Humankind has been sharing knowledge via Books for ages. Every few decades, new technologies revolutionize the way we consume information via a new format, platform, or medium.

Once, publication was harder than writing a book. In 2010, a huge shift came with Kindle-like e-readers and publication/distribution opened new doors for authors. Then came internet and mobile advancements and summary apps were widely accepted. And now this is AI generation – content is everywhere. And we are part of this revolution.

TechGraph: Does Oter collect user data to enhance personalization? If so, then how does the company prioritize and safeguard user privacy?

Gaurav Khanna: We capture only the information that helps make the app experience more personalized. We ask them about their goals and ask them to pick challenges – based on their reading habits and choices, we recommend more books to them in the explore section of the app.

TechGraph: Building a community around self-improvement is crucial. How does Oter foster a sense of community among its users, and what role does user feedback play in shaping the platform’s evolution?

Gaurav Khanna: Using feedback is extremely valuable to us. Other than the reviews and feedback we receive regularly, we actively seek out user comments and thoughts via user interviews and surveys. All this input plays a huge role in how we build Oter, aiming to make the product more intuitive and useful with every version.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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