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Interview: CEO Nirav Patel On WOGOM’s Hyperlocal B2B E-Commerce Power Play For Retailers In Consumer Electronics Marketplaces



During an interview with TechGraph, Nirav Patel, CEO of WOGOM, spoke about how the company’s hyperlocal omnichannel B2B e-commerce platform is empowering retailers and distributors alike in consumer electronics and mobile phone sectors.

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TechGraph: Can you provide an overview of WOGOM’s role in the consumer electronics and mobile phone categories within the online marketplace? How has your company positioned itself in this sector?

Nirav Patel: World Goods Marketplace (WOGOM) is a hyperlocal omnichannel B2B e-commerce platform that was launched in October 2021. Helping the distributors and dealers with easy working capital, access to exclusive deals and brands, and increase the width of distribution, enables retailers to access over 15,000+ products from more than 200 authorized brands and is currently being utilized by over 3,500 retailers who are experiencing an impressive 50% month-on-month growth.

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Wogom helps retailers with the 3 R’s – Rupee (easy access to working capital), Range (Wide selection and access to leading brands and products through authorized distributors), Reach (promising a delivery timeline on successful placement of the order within pin codes of its presence).

Nirav Patel: Wogom’s primary advantage lies in its provision of business credit to retailers. Wogom extends a credit period of up to 60 days to retailers, offering them a strategic timeframe to promote product sales and subsequently fulfill their repayment obligations.

In contrast, distributors benefit from expedited payment, receiving funds within 3-4 days. This swift capital turnover enhances their purchasing capability, enabling them to revolve their capital multiple times within a single month.

Consequently, this financial framework fosters growth in the mobile and consumer electronics sector within the general trade market. The increased purchasing power not only contributes to industry expansion but also fortifies negotiable leverage with the respective brands.

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Nirav Patel: Wogom operates as a cloud-based marketplace that serves as a centralized hub connecting authorized distributors and retailers. Wogom exclusively brings on board distributors who possess official authorization letters from the respective brands, ensuring that only authorized entities showcase and sell their products on the platform. This stringent onboarding criterion has proven instrumental in establishing Wogom as a marketplace synonymous with 100% authenticity and trustworthiness in the products it facilitates.

Nirav Patel: Companies analyze user behavior to understand trends, preferences, and pain points. In the consumer electronics and mobile phone categories, some common trends include: Increased Connectivity, Advanced Features, Sustainability, Security and Privacy, Value for Money
WOGOM leverages this information to enhance user experience and provide more tailored services: Personalized Recommendations, Marketing Strategies, Customer Support, Inventory Management.

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TechGraph: With the global supply chain disruptions in recent years, how has WOGOM managed inventory, logistics, and supply chain challenges to ensure a seamless experience for both suppliers and customers?

Nirav Patel: Wogom focuses on local manufacturers and helps them plan their supply more efficiently. Wogom’s strength lies in reaching out to the retailers directly, understanding the market pulse, demand forecasting, and seasonal needs – which in turn helps all the stakeholders in the supply chain.

TechGraph: Online marketplaces often rely on data analytics to improve their services. How does WOGOM use data to enhance the experience for distributors and retailers, and what key metrics do you track to measure success?

Nirav Patel: Wogom elevates the experiences of both distributors and retailers through the insightful analysis of data about product performance, inventory turnover, and customer feedback. Key performance indicators like conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and average order value serve as essential metrics to gauge success in this context.

Leveraging such data enables the customization of recommendations according to individual purchase histories, as well as the optimization of supply chain efficiency. These strategic approaches, driven by data analytics, culminate in enhanced overall satisfaction for both distributors and retailers within the online marketplace ecosystem.

TechGraph: As e-commerce continues to grow, sustainability and environmental concerns have gained importance. Can you discuss any sustainability initiatives or practices that WOGOM has implemented to reduce its environmental footprint in the distribution and retail of consumer electronics and mobile phones?

Nirav Patel: Wogom has been engaged in listing the products that are marked within the BEE guidelines as specified by GOI, most of the products have 3-star ratings and above. At this point there are no clear guidelines on mobile phones, hence we intend to partner with e-waste players either to scrap the old mobile phones or repair them if the aging is not more than 3 years (refurb) and supply them to specific markets as they can limit the demand for newer phones as well as can meet the customer’s need of being affluent.

TechGraph: Finally, how does WOGOM see the future of the online marketplace for consumer electronics and mobile phones, and what role does your company aim to play in shaping this future?

Nirav Patel: WOGOM aspires to streamline the convergence of businesses, fostering seamless collaboration both domestically and internationally.

The overarching objective is to establish itself as the preferred brand category for retailers in the foreseeable future. Partnering with WOGOM presents numerous advantages, encompassing opportunities for business expansion, digital lending facilities facilitating a buy-now-pay-later approach for convenient working capital, and the flexibility of credit periods extending up to 60 days.

Furthermore, WOGOM extends interest-free loans of up to 2 crores, coupled with an efficient lean inventory model. Additionally, collaborators gain exclusive access to an extensive array of products and brands.


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Krishna Mali
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