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Navigating the Fintech Age With Orion Innovation’s Anoop Gala

Anoop Gala, Global Head of Financial Services at Orion Innovation, shares insights on navigating the digital transformation landscape in the financial sector.



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In a recent interview with Anoop Gala, Global Head of Financial Services at Orion Innovation, we delved into the transformative impact of digitalization on the fintech and financial services sector and the pivotal role Orion plays in driving this evolution. He also highlighted how technologies like Cloud, and blockchain are enhancing customer experiences.

Read the complete interview:

TechGraph: As the Global Head of Financial Services at Orion Innovation, can you provide an overview of how digital transformation is reshaping the financial services sector?

Anoop Gala: Digital transformation is revolutionizing the financial services sector by enhancing customer experiences, modernizing platforms, enabling seamless transactions, and optimizing operations. Technologies like Cloud, AI, blockchain, and fintech solutions are driving innovation, offering personalized services, and automating processes, thereby improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

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Enhanced data analytics ensure better risk management and regulatory compliance, while mobile banking and contactless payments cater to evolving consumer preferences. This transformation fosters agility, competitiveness, and scalability, empowering financial institutions to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics, and regulatory requirements, and meet the rising demands of a digitally driven world.

TechGraph: What unique challenges and opportunities do financial institutions face in this rapidly evolving digital landscape?

Anoop Gala: Financial institutions grapple with balancing innovation and security in the digital realm. The rapid evolution demands robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive data against sophisticated threats. Obsolete legacy systems pose a significant challenge, impeding the adoption of newer regulatory standards and hindering banks from serving customers in real time. Embracing technology offers opportunities for enhanced customer experiences, efficient operations, and broader market reach.

However, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations while adapting to technological advancements remains a pivotal challenge. Moreover, the need to maintain customer trust amidst digital transitions is crucial, requiring transparent communication about data usage and privacy. Embracing agility in adopting cutting-edge solutions while mitigating risks defines the landscape for financial institutions in this digital era.

TechGraph: How does Orion Innovation position itself as a catalyst for digital transformation within the financial services industry? Could you elaborate on the specific services and solutions that Orion provides to financial clients seeking to embrace digital technologies?

Anoop Gala: Orion Innovation drives financial digital transformation by delivering tailored solutions encompassing human-centric experience design, cloud, APIs, Gen AI, analytics, and fintech innovations. Services span core banking products implementation, payments modernization, wealth management solutions, banking in the cloud, embedded finance, customer-centric digital experiences, digital transformation of the insurance system, and financial inclusion.

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Specializations in product development, agile risk management, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity bolster client capabilities. Through collaborative innovation labs and strategic partnerships, Orion accelerates tech adoption, enabling streamlined operations and enhanced customer engagement for financial clients navigating the evolving digital landscape.

TechGraph: In the realm of digital transformation, a client-centric approach is paramount. How does Orion Innovation tailor its services to meet the unique needs and challenges of financial institutions, ensuring a seamless and effective transition to digital processes?

Anoop Gala: Orion Innovation prioritizes a client-centric strategy by deeply understanding financial institutions’ specific pain points, goals, and regulatory requirements. Leveraging this insight, Orion customizes solutions, offering agile methodologies for smooth digital transitions. We collaborate closely with clients, conducting comprehensive assessments to align technology initiatives with business objectives.

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At the beginning of our engagements, we conduct stakeholder interviews and research to comprehensively grasp the pain points and potential opportunities. Tailored roadmaps and phased implementations ensure minimal disruptions while maximizing efficiency gains. Orion’s commitment to ongoing support and iterative improvements ensures a seamless transition, empowering financial institutions to embrace digital processes effectively while meeting their unique needs and challenges.

TechGraph: Financial services operate within a highly regulated environment. How does Orion Innovation navigate and address the regulatory challenges that financial institutions encounter during the process of digital transformation? Are there specific strategies or frameworks in place to ensure compliance and security?

Anoop Gala: Orion Innovation adopts a proactive approach to regulatory challenges by integrating compliance measures throughout the digital transformation journey for financial institutions. Our solutions adhere to established regulatory frameworks, including GDPR, PCI DSS, and financial-specific guidelines, ensuring solutions meet stringent compliance standards.

Orion implements robust security protocols, leveraging encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring. Our cloud adoption framework has comprehensive collaborative partnerships with regulatory experts to enable the interpretation and application of evolving regulations, while agile methodologies allow for quick adjustments to meet compliance demands. This comprehensive approach ensures that security and compliance are inherent components of every digital solution, assuring financial institutions of a secure and compliant transformation journey.

TechGraph: From your perspective, what key performance indicators (KPIs) do Orion Innovation use to measure the success and effectiveness of its digital transformation projects within the financial services domain?

Anoop Gala: Orion Innovation measures the success of its financial services digital transformation projects through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:

Customer Experience Enhancement: Measuring improved customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and reduced service friction. Orion’s human-centric design approach enables clients to up and cross-sells their offerings.

Operational Efficiency: Assessing cost savings, process automation rates, and time-to-market for new products/services. We helped many payment service providers achieve close to 100% straight-through processing rates and integrated AI/ML into their business processes.

Risk Management: Monitoring reduced risks, enhanced security measures, and improved compliance adherence. Orion’s solutions stringently adhere to global regulatory and security standards.

Technology Adoption: Tracking the implementation and adoption rates of new technologies or platforms. We have been at the forefront of embracing Cloud, Analytics, AI/ML, and other cutting-edge technologies from their early stages. Our Centre of Innovations (COI) focuses on pioneering disruptive technologies. Collaborating with numerous clients, we are creating next-generation AI co-pilots tailored to address their unique business requirements.

ROI and Revenue Growth: Evaluating the return on investment and revenue growth achieved through digital initiatives.

These KPIs collectively gauge the transformative impact on customer experiences, operational efficacy, risk mitigation, technology integration, and overall business growth within the financial sector.

TechGraph: Digital transformation often involves collaborative efforts between service providers and their clients. Can you discuss the importance of collaboration and partnership in Orion’s approach to working with financial services clients, and how these relationships contribute to successful digital transformation outcomes?

Anoop Gala: Collaboration and partnership are integral to Orion’s approach to working with financial services clients. By fostering strong relationships, Orion gains deep insights into client needs, aligning technological solutions with strategic objectives.

Orion’s Co-Creation Lab serves as a dedicated space where Orion collaborates closely with financial services clients. This lab fosters an environment conducive to innovation and idea exchange.

It brings together experts from Orion and the client’s team to ideate, prototype, and co-create solutions tailored to address specific challenges or capitalize on opportunities within the financial sector. The lab encourages an iterative approach, allowing for continuous improvement and refinement of solutions based on real-time feedback, ensuring that the final product meets the exact needs of the client.

Orion understands that success in digital transformation for financial services hinges on a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances, regulations, and customer demands. Leveraging its domain expertise, Orion develops solutions that are not solely technology-driven but are primarily guided by an in-depth comprehension of the financial sector’s unique requirements. These domain-led solutions encompass a wide array of areas, such as regulatory compliance, risk management, customer experience enhancement, personalized financial services, and data security, among others.

This collaboration ensures tailored strategies, allowing for co-creation and rapid iteration. Open communication facilitates a shared vision, promoting a clear understanding of challenges and opportunities. Mutual trust enables cohesiveness in implementing innovative solutions, leading to successful digital transformations.

Anoop Gala: Orion Innovation foresees continued disruption in financial services driven by trends like AI-powered personalization, Open Banking & APIs, Cyber Security & Data Privacy, Decentralized finance (DeFi), Quantum computing for secure transactions, and expanded Blockchain applications.

To stay ahead, Orion invests in R&D, fostering innovation labs and strategic partnerships. The company continuously upskill its workforce in emerging technologies, focusing on Gen AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Orion’s agile methodologies allow swift adaptation to evolving trends, ensuring timely integration of ground-breaking technologies into tailored solutions, and empowering clients with cutting-edge advancements in the ever-evolving landscape of financial digital transformation.


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