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“ESG investments are on the rise in the financial industry,” says Archana Elapavuluri of Pickright Technologies



Speaking with the TechGraph, Archana Elapavuluri, Co-Founder of Pickright Technologies said, “The financial industry has witnessed a significant surge in ESG investments in recent years.”

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TechGraph: Could you help give a sense of how far PickRight has come since its existence? From when it began to where it is now?

Archana Elapavuluri: PickRight is a 2019 fintech marketplace platform for stock market investors and advisers. Its goal is to make investing easier and offer sensible wealth management for everyone. The platform alerts investors to maximize their investments and remain vigilant during downturns. Edelweiss Wealth Management (Nuvama) bought PickRight on March 21, 2023.

TechGraph: How is PickRight utilizing its sectoral expertise and digitalization to solve the unsolved gap in the investment space?

Archana Elapavuluri: We help millennials plan and diversify their investments with AI-powered software. We are a wealth tech platform for digital natives that intelligently saves and invests across asset classes with AI and ML-powered deep customization.

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We use AI and ML to create robust and diverse portfolios for each user based on their profile and enable them to invest across asset classes monthly.

We use contemporary AI to track and monitor stock activity in real-time, providing investors with full freedom to choose their advisors via a dynamic ranking scoreboard.

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TechGraph: Talking about the core business, what is the AUM growth that you are targeting for FY 23–24?

Archana Elapavuluri: We anticipate growth in AUM that is at least 10 times greater than what it is at the moment.

TechGraph: Could you shed more insight on Investpacks?

Archana Elapavuluri: Investpacks is an exclusive product offering from PickRight allows investors to invest in a pre-defined basket of stocks based on a specific theme or strategy.

The product is designed to provide investors an easy way to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on market trends. PickRight’s Investpacks are multi-asset portfolios managed and monitored by AI and professionals to maximize returns.

These portfolios invest in ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, gold, etc. Throughout the stock market. PickRight provides theme-based Investpacks for women, students, and retirees, among other financial solutions.

TechGraph: With technology adoption in the stock market and financing sector speeding up. How is PickRight leveraging technology to enhance the investor’s investment experience?

Archana Elapavuluri: PickRight is a digital investment advisory service that combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to create customized stock portfolios. It provides timely notifications for investors to optimize their investments and be ready for market downturns.

PickRight constantly monitors investment basket performance and utilizes innovative technologies to assist with portfolio rebalancing according to market fluctuations. By leveraging technology, PickRight aims to enhance the overall investor experience.

PickRight leverages advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to enhance investor experience. Through its platform, PickRight employs cutting-edge AI to monitor and analyze the real-time behavior of stocks, enabling investors to receive expert advice on investment decisions.

Emerging trends in the investment landscape involve a rising inclination towards sustainable and socially conscious investing, a heightened desire for alternative investment options like private equity and hedge funds, and an increased emphasis on passive investing through index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

TechGraph: What are the new investment trends?

Archana Elapavuluri: Investment trends include sustainable and socially responsible practices. In addition, there is a surge in demand for alternative investment options like private equity and hedge funds. Additionally, there is a significant shift towards passive investing through index funds and ETFs, where fund managers have limited discretion.

The advent of the technological revolution has greatly propelled artificial intelligence (AI). Passive investing has gained widespread popularity as it eliminates active fund management.

The financial industry has witnessed a significant surge in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investments in recent years. Experts predict that by 2025, megatrends such as AI, energy storage, robotics, genome sequencing, and blockchain technology will shape the investment landscape.

TechGraph: How is technology, namely AI and machine learning, redefining the way we make investments in derivatives in the new normal?

Archana Elapavuluri: The investment landscape is transforming artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies empower traders to make data-based decisions in real-time, resulting in more precise predictions and improved risk management approaches. As a result, derivatives trading has become more streamlined and available, enabling investors to seize market opportunities more effortlessly.

AI and machine learning is revolutionizing the approach to derivatives investments in the current era by offering investors immediate access to valuable information and thorough data analysis. This equips investors with enhanced decision-making capabilities and the ability to take advantage of emerging market patterns.

TechGraph: What is your position when it comes to liquidity?

Archana Elapavuluri: To maintain a healthy portfolio, we diversify our investments across various industries and sectors, with a particular emphasis on highly liquid companies with a market capitalization of at least Rs 5,000 crore.

When it comes to asset allocation, considering the current situation, the allocation to cash typically ranges from 20% to 30%, depending on the investor’s risk tolerance.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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