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Interview: Earnnest Director Sahil Shah On Exploring Lucrative Real Estate Investment Opportunities



TechGraph sat down with Sahil Shah, Director at Certus Capital & Earnnest, to delve into the realm of real estate investments and the unique offerings of their platform.

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TechGraph: Can you tell us about the types of properties available for investment on Earnnest? Are there any specific types of property that perform particularly well?

Sahil Shah: Earnnest is focused on offering high-quality, regular-paying debt investments secured by real estate. Credit in real estate is a high conviction theme for us as the physical sector is doing very well but capital availability is limited leading to attractive opportunities. These investments can range from residential, hospitality, commercial, or retail.

TechGraph: What are the minimum and maximum investment amounts for Earnnest? Are there any restrictions on who can invest on the platform?

Sahil Shah: The minimum investment amount on the platform is currently INR10 lacs. Investors on the platform have invested capital ranging from INR10 lacs to INR3 crores per investment. These range from individual investors, family offices, HNIs, other NBFCs, etc. Any Indian resident can invest in the platform.

TechGraph: How does Earnnest vet the properties and projects listed on the platform? What criteria do you use to ensure investments are likely to succeed?

Sahil Shah: There are several factors we assess before an investment is made available for investors to review and invest.

Some of the key factors include:

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Partner: Developers who have a proven delivery/execution track record and good financial standing at the group level.

Project: Projects without discretionary approval risks and offering products with demonstrable market fit in the top 6-7 markets in the country.

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Regular Cash Flow: Investments should support regular servicing (interest payments).

Risk-Reward Focus: Moderate return, limited/controllable risk (vs. high return, high-risk strategy).

Portfolio Fit: Healthy diversification i.e. avoid project/group/market concentration.

Earnnest believes in transparency and provides investors with information about an opportunity to review and evaluate its suitability. The team remains available to answer any questions / further information investors may seek before investing.

TechGraph: What kind of returns can investors expect through Earnnest? Are there any fees associated with investing on the platform?

Sahil Shah: Returns vary from investment to investment but typically range from 15% to 16%. Earnnest does not charge any fees to investors on its platform.

TechGraph: How does Earnnest differ from other real estate investment platforms currently on the market?

Sahil Shah: Earnnest is an exclusive platform offering institutional quality debt investments secured by real estate. These investments were available only to large investors (NBFCs, funds – foreign and domestic, HNIs). We plan to make these available to a larger investor base.

TechGraph: Are there any upcoming projects or developments investors should be excited about?

Sahil Shah: We continuously offer opportunities through our platform Earnnest. Would urge readers to visit and register on the platform for regular updates.


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