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From TWS to Wearables: Boult CEO Varun Gupta On Innovations In The Wireless Headphones And Wearable Segments



During an interview with TechGraph, Varun Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Boult, discussed the company’s accelerated growth in consumer audio, personal audio, and wearable segments and how Boult’s technological innovation helped the company stay ahead.

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TechGraph: Can you tell us about Boult’s design philosophy when it comes to developing headphones and gadgets? How does the company balance form and function?

Varun Gupta: We diligently follow our Design First policy because our brand’s USP lies in our in-house design studio where exceptionally stylish yet functional designs are curated so that our gadgets, including hearables and wearables, offer consumers versatility.

Boult’s products, whether hearables or wearables are highly known for their relentless innovation and style. From a myriad of colors to timeless designs, customers can choose their fit from the wide range of Boult products to raise their game of style and become the trendsetter.

Boult is aware of how aesthetics is crucial for younger generations like GenZ and Millenials. Therefore, we keep them at the forefront while designing gadgets. Our products encourage customers to choose funky and vibrant colors rather than black and white. In addition, we have over 150 cloud watch faces and interchangeable straps which allow customers to add a new level of personalization to their routine every day and make a statement wherever they go.

But this is not it. We also consider comfort and smart innovation at the top when it comes to TWS, neckbands, and smartwatches. And that is how we maintain balance while giving attractive form and effective function. Boult’s products are the ideal companions for customers seeking true comfort and are designed to cater to long hours. Since our whole mechanism of creating impeccable designs and aesthetics is carried out in-house, a more controlled ecosystem enables our designers to craft swish and sleek gadgets.

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TechGraph: In recent years, wireless headphones and earbuds have surged in demand. How has Boult adapted to this trend, and what innovations company has brought to the table?

Varun Gupta: Certainly, wireless headphones and earbuds have surged during and after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The reason for this remains the dire need for a minimum number of touchpoints and a hassle-free immersive sound experience. And, Boult is been able to cater to that surging demand, due to its constant technological advances in the TWS segment. Boult emerged as India’s second-largest audio brand in 2022 by selling a TWS every 5 seconds.

Our journey in 2017, completely bootstrapped, began with the TWS segment only. We entered the market first with wireless headphones and then we ventured into the making of wired headphones. Further, we are omnipresent in every other subcategory within consumer audio and personal audio. To remain in the market, with 100% YoY growth, it is important for the brand to continuously evolve- be it in terms of technology or design. The most important factor is innovation to stay in the trend and convert the opportunity into a profitable journey.

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We followed our course of innovation and brought gaming-focused wireless earphones, headphones, and earbuds which changed users’ perspective towards earphones. Our proprietary technology Combat Mode for gaming emerged as the star feature and this innovative integration grabbed many eyes from the gaming community. Other than this, our ENC active noise cancellation feature and Blink & Pair

Technology made Boult a good-to-go product among consumers as users could find the right technology at the right price. However, we will tap more into the home audio category and will launch more products in this category in the coming years.

TechGraph: With the rise of virtual assistants and smart home devices, how does Boult see its headphones and gadgets fitting into this ecosystem? Are there any plans for integration or compatibility with popular voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa?

Varun Gupta: Boult recognizes the rise of virtual assistants and smart home devices. We are committed to ensuring that our headphones and gadgets seamlessly integrate into this ever-expanding ecosystem. We have carefully planned and executed strategies to guarantee compatibility and integration with popular voice assistants, including Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

By incorporating compatibility with these renowned voice assistants, we empower our customers to effortlessly control and personalize their audio experience through simple voice commands. We aim to provide a hands-free and intuitive interface that enhances our products’ overall usability and enjoyment.

By embracing compatibility with popular voice assistants and seamlessly integrating our products into the larger IOT ecosystem, Boult Audio solidifies its position as a leader in cutting-edge audio technology. These strategic initiatives exemplify our unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve and catering to our valued customers’ ever-evolving needs. Rest assured, Boult Audio remains dedicated to providing an immersive and connected audio experience that sets new standards in the industry.

TechGraph: How does Boult approach sustainability and environmental concerns in its manufacturing processes and product development, and what steps are being taken to reduce its environmental impact?

Varun Gupta: Boult Audio takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability and environmental concerns. By focusing on material selection, energy efficiency, packaging, recycling, research, and development, the company is actively working to reduce its environmental impact. This is helping to promote a more sustainable future. We have removed plastic packaging completely from our D2C courier bags and we use recyclable boxes instead to deliver our products.

We are also striving to remove plastic from our overall product packaging by moving away from laminated surfaces and reaching micron levels above 50. We are already using recycled plastic in one of our product lines and by working with innovative packaging partners we aim to reduce plastic use further.

In all of our products, we use high-quality materials that not only prolong the products’ life but also eliminate the use and throw pattern. We also use chip sets that reduce energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact of our devices.

We understand there is a need to encourage the recycling of all useful and valuable materials from e-waste to conserve ever-depleting natural resources. Recycling end-of-life discarded products is vital if we are to save resources and minimize landfill. In this regard, we have tied up with one of the leading and authorized e-waste recyclers for facilitating our customers to dispose of e-waste products after their end-of-life.

TechGraph: Can you discuss the importance of customer support and service at Boult? How does the company ensure that its customers are satisfied with their purchases and have a positive experience?

Varun Gupta: We are always at the forefront of exceptional customer support services at Boult. Our overall mechanism of developing products depends on customer feedback. Therefore, for us, it is of the utmost importance to address our customers’ complaints and provide efficient resolution to their problems. Spanned across 28 states with 146 cities and 7400 pin codes, Boult has over 183 operational physical service centers which allow users to resolve their problems associated with our products.

Most importantly, our services are driven by compassion because our relationship with customers does not end once the product is sold. We believe in lasting relationships and hence our efforts are always directed to address customers’ grievances. As a customer-centric organization, we have several incredible methods. Besides a one-year warranty with the purchase of the products, Boult offers special customer support services such as free doorstep delivery of replacements for defective products either with new or repaired ones.

In special circumstances, we also provide a pick-up facility as well. Other than this, our robust IVR lines (Interactive Voice Response) and chatbot technology not only ensure prompt assistance but also keep a record of consumers’ grievances for future reference. From technical support to repairs and replacements, we offer the best customer support through our highly trained employees. Satisfactory customer support services act as a connecting dot between existing and potential customers because no matter what word of mouth plays a crucial role in helping a brand become ‘The Brand’.


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