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Boardroom Mastery: Directors Institute’s Heval Mehta On Tailored Training Programs For Board-Level Professionals



In an interview with Heval Mehta, Director of the World Development Corporation and Directors Institute, TechGraph delved into the intricacies of challenges faced by professionals in directorial roles and how the Directors Institute is shaping the landscape with its innovative training programs.

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TechGraph: Given the diverse nature of industries, what specific challenges do professionals often face in directorial roles, and how does the Directors Institute address these challenges through its training programs?

Heval Mehta: In board-level positions, the paramount task is to envision the organization and its environment holistically. While navigating familiar challenges may be straightforward, no one can claim expertise in every domain.

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Directors’ Institute recognizes this gap and offers comprehensive programs tailored to cultivate the necessary skills and wisdom in aspiring directors. These programs focus on crucial subjects, ensuring that participants gain a well-rounded mastery to lead effectively across various facets of the organization.

TechGraph: How does the Directors Institute strategically align its board-level online training programs with the dynamic and evolving needs of professionals serving on directorial boards?

Heval Mehta: Directors’ Institute, through thorough market research, has identified that skills required at the board level are rapidly evolving, with previous competencies becoming obsolete swiftly.

In response to the frequent shifts in business strategies driven by market dynamics, there’s a growing necessity for board members to be well-versed in technology, a dominant force in today’s industries. To address these needs, the Directors’ Institute has meticulously crafted programs that deliver this knowledge systematically.

Our goal is to equip participants with the most sought-after skills, cutting-edge strategies, and industry best practices through our carefully structured program.

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TechGraph: Can you elaborate on the strategic considerations behind the design of Directors Institute’s board-level courses and how they contribute to the development of key competencies required at the directorial level?

Heval Mehta: Gaining expertise in corporate governance, boardroom strategies, financial acumen, and other leadership skills typically spans decades, and often, this extensive experience may still limit one to specific industry boards.

Recognizing this, the Directors’ Institute has developed targeted courses encompassing each vital skill set, along with a thorough understanding of international standards, norms, and best practices.

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Our program is designed to prepare individuals for both executive and non-executive roles domestically and internationally. We have also tailored our curriculum to address the unique requirements of non-executive positions, focusing on fostering complementary skills that enhance the boardroom’s competency and diversity.

TechGraph: In what ways does the Directors Institute integrate cutting-edge technology and innovative pedagogical approaches to enhance the online learning experience for board-level professionals?

Heval Mehta: Directors’ Institute has embraced a variety of innovative delivery methods for our content, utilizing the latest technologies. For instance, we offer on-demand, self-paced modules featuring interactive videos and real-life case studies to enrich and enliven the learning experience. Additionally, industry experts lead live sessions on an open platform, providing a comprehensive 360% learning experience.

We also offer initiatives like simulated boardroom sessions, which immerse participants in realistic boardroom scenarios, enhancing their practical understanding. This diverse amalgamation of learning methodologies not only maximizes impact but also keeps the educational journey engaging and dynamic.

TechGraph: Could you elaborate on the specific metrics and methodologies employed by the Directors Institute to measure the tangible impact of its board-level training programs on the decision-making and strategic acumen of participants?

Heval Mehta: Our program includes a diverse array of evaluation methods to assess learning outcomes, such as assignments, case studies, white papers, simulated boardroom discussions, mock tests, and several other interactive and analytical approaches.

TechGraph: How does the Directors Institute navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance in different regions and ensure that its courses emphasize the nuances of governance at the directorial level?

Heval Mehta: In response to the worldwide demand of modern organizations, the Directors’ Institute prides itself on offering a comprehensive course encompassing the structure of Corporate Governance, boardroom norms, and standards across numerous global nations.

Our content is crafted in collaboration with both industry veterans and subject matter experts domestically and internationally. We’ve meticulously integrated the standards of various national and international bodies into our curriculum.

Additionally, our dedicated research and development team works tirelessly to ensure that our content consistently remains at the forefront of quality and relevance

TechGraph: To what extent does the Directors Institute collaborate with industry stakeholders, experts, and regulatory bodies to maintain the relevance and applicability of its board-level training programs?

Heval Mehta: At Directors’ Institute, we are committed to imparting real-world boardroom practices, transcending traditional academic approaches. We champion experiential learning and instruction directly from industry leaders, ensuring that our content is both developed and delivered by those with practical, current expertise.

We have engaged with numerous experts to refine our courses, making them both succinct and extensive. Our curriculum is grounded in the regulatory standards, acts, and best practices of various authoritative bodies, ensuring a robust and applicable learning experience.

Heval Mehta: Our dedicated research and development team, in collaboration with subject matter experts, ensures that we consistently integrate the most up-to-date concepts, trends, and practices into our curriculum, keeping our content relevant and cutting-edge.

TechGraph: As the directorial landscape evolves, what foresight does Directors Institute possess regarding the upcoming challenges for board-level professionals, and how is the institute proactively addressing these in its curriculum development?

Heval Mehta: The evolving dynamics of boardrooms necessitate a comprehensive grasp of international best practices and standards. In today’s interconnected global economy, where there is a continuous exchange of goods and services, mere familiarity with Indian standards is no longer adequate.

As India’s consumer market becomes a focal point for multinational corporations, boards must be adept in multinational practices. Consequently, the need for directors with a global perspective is set to rise sharply. Additionally, the intensification of corporate governance policies worldwide will further stimulate the demand for knowledgeable non-executive directors.


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