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An interview with SecureKloud Technologies CTO Raj Srinivasaraghavan



Speaking to TechGraph, Raj Srinivasaraghavan, CTO, SecureKloud Technologies said, “Technology partnership has been one of the primary avenues by which we can expand our Cloud Security Footprint in recent years.”

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How is SecureKloud Technologies utilizing its sectoral expertise and digitalization to solve the unsolved security gap in the cloud?

Raj Srinivasaraghavan: SecureKloud has been collaborating with customers in different sectors over the years, trying to digitalize their business needs into revenue opportunities for them. In the process, we have learned significantly in the areas of technology implementation, data security, application security, and server infrastructure provisioning that is uniquely applicable to each of these sectors.

For example, in some of the real-world experience projects in the healthcare and life sciences domain, we have learned that secure data payload handling (both in terms of data quality and quantity) is an important requirement.

Similarly, in sectors like BFSI (Banking and Financial Services Industry) – data transport security, target endpoint data security, IAM (Identity Access Management), and data storage security become supremely important. The techniques we used in these situations help us to implement these in future digitalization projects in the same and other sectors over different cloud platforms.

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What is the state of serverless service providers in the Indian market?

Raj Srinivasaraghavan: Serverless Technology has gained predominant ground in recent years in India. The ease with which serverless services can be deployed in terms of events, functions, and cloud resources with the help of simple JSON definitions has caught up with the developers and enterprises.

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The main advantage is how these lambda functions can scale at all levels (i.e., code, cloud resources, and deployment levels) have made them enormously attractive. Plus, the separation of concern offered via the microservices architecture helps enterprises to re-use this technology unit across multiple projects.

The Service Providers that offer/host this are getting more popular day by day. The popular cloud providers and the third-party companies that offer to host Serverless Deployments will stand to gain a lot when IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain are adopted in a big way in the future. These providers will form the backbone of hosting some of the recurring tasks that can be envisioned to be performed by way of these technologies.

How is SecureKloud Technologies leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience?

Raj Srinivasaraghavan: The key to enhancing the customer experience is to advise on the different technology options that a customer can have across various cloud platforms to solve different business problems.

Serverless, MicroServices, Cloud Infra Auto Provisioning using Templates, Cloud Native Tools, Data Analytics, Payload Management, CI/CD Deployment automation, Cloud Security Posture Management, Blockchain network provisioning, IoT Sensors, Edge and Distributed Computing, Protection of Digital Certificates, IAM Access Management, End Point Provisioning and Governance, Data and Payload Security are some of the areas where we use our expertise to help enhance customer experience.

We first identify the problem or get a requirement from the customer. Then device the best possible solution across various cloud technology sections mentioned above. Execute the solutions with the satisfaction and approval of the customer.

How is technology transforming cloud space? Do you think the trend had taken hold even before the IoT-induced disruptions? What are the technology trends which will shape the Cloud & Cybersecurity space?

Raj Srinivasaraghavan: In the past year, the best technology updates were witnessed in the data analytics space with the handling of large and complex data payloads in various clouds. This will slowly form the basis for IoT tools and sensors to be talking to these data layers for doing real-time AI-induced decisions. MicroServices and Edge Computing are also going to help this cause in a big way.

MicroServices are going to help intelligent tools to talk to each other for making decisions. Edge Computing is going to help the distributed processing of these data payloads in localities where the IoT sensors are going to actively work and get deployed. Blockchain is also going to lend a helping hand here to store immutable and secure data in these distributed cloud locations.

SecureKloud Technologies has been collaborating with technology partners to boost its cloud security footprint. Going forward, do you see more such engagements?

Raj Srinivasaraghavan: Technology partnership has been one of the primary avenues by which we can expand our Cloud Security Footprint in recent years. We see a lot of opportunities in the space of data, security, blockchain, and IoT with each of these finally tagged with cloud partnerships. As we can see each of these segments of technology is vital for any company’s growth.

Technology is growing at a rapid pace in these segments and so must be Technology partnerships. One of the key advantages of technology partnerships is the mutual benefit both partners can obtain from it. So, we see these partnerships as vital building blocks for business progress in the coming years.

What are the latest innovations and developments at SecureKloud Technologies?

Raj Srinivasaraghavan: We have been constantly on an innovation pursuit, investing in technology and quality manpower. As a result of an organic transition, we are introducing several platform-as-a-service products. We started with block edge, which helps customers adopt blockchain with just a few clicks. Similarly, we are also coming out with three other platforms — CloudEdge, DataEdge, and Neutral Zone. CloudEdge will accelerate cloud deployment much faster in a highly automated, fully secure, and compliant way in a cost-effective and time-saving manner while DataEdge would elevate businesses with the power of insight-driven decision making and seamless data collaboration.

Neutral Zone will power seamless data sharing and collaboration with full control of IP while block edge is an end-to-end blockchain infrastructure management platform to build and scale enterprise blockchains faster. The platforms would make operational costs down by 80% and save time by 70%.

These solutions can provision blockchain and cloud infrastructure in various public clouds like AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), and Azure for various versions of blockchain platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum.

We have another solution Readable.ai that can scan documents and extract data out of them using AI (Artificial Intelligence). This solution is primarily deployed at hospitals to consolidate patient data from all types of documents (like handwritten, typewritten, and printed), this solution will be released for other verticals too. We also have other innovative solutions like Kubernetes as a Service, which can be configured to set up Kubernetes for deployments.

Last but not the least, we have a CloudAuth solution that caters to Enterprise SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Identity Provisioning, and Identity Governance, this product can be customized for all types of verticals; Identity & Access Management Requirements.


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