An interview with Brijesh Kohli, Director of Xebia Academy

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In an interview with TechGraph, Brijesh Kohli, Director of Xebia Academy said, “We believe in the concept of providing our students with first-hand experience of the subject they are pursuing.”

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TechGraph: How is Xebia Academy, facilitating the entire learning process digitally?

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Brijesh Kohli: The methodology we follow at Xebia Academy is interactive, and with the live-virtual classroom model we offer extensive student-teacher interaction that creates an environment of learning for the students.

We realize the significance of teachers in the pedagogy and to upskill them with the contemporary add-ons, we host several Instructor/Faculty Development Programs.

The Program aims to strengthen institutions’ academic and technical orientation by providing faculty members/instructors with ample opportunities to up skills in niche technologies. Participating in such programs allows faculty members to improve their research and teaching skills.

TechGraph: How is the response so far to your online courses?

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Brijesh Kohli: Post Pandemic the entire businesses have had a shift towards digital. Whether it’s demand for AI / ML, Data scientists, Crypto experts, agile experts, etc. All have increased rapidly. So the response to our online courses has been tremendous. We have enrolled lacs of students since almost every industry is going digital. Skilling and upskilling are the need of the hour we are associated with more than 200 companies.

TechGrap: What are the new trends in AI & Machine Learning and the Big Data space?

Brijesh Kohli: Intelligent Process Automation, or IPA, is one of the progressive trends that combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enable quick business process automation and expedite digital transformation. Most huge businesses must go through so many processes.

What if RPA could avoid all these tedious jobs? Robotic Process Automation is a concept where robots carry out a small business process. Thus, it will save time and effort for both the company and the client. RPA will do all the operations in a snap. It can range from door opening to automatic maintaining guest records.

Talkative Chatbots:

Recently the buzz has been around the bots who would chat with you for hours. These bots are more than VPA (Virtual Personal Assistants) and are much in demand. They keep the customer engaged with witty questions and sometimes pull a prank on the user. Most businesses require these chatbots, but personal need also increases with their demand.

Immersive Technologies:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often characterized as intelligent technology capable of mimicking human learning and problem-solving abilities. The key with Virtual Reality will be for AI to anticipate what the viewer wants to view and prep it as it streams out to their device.

Businesses have begun to see the potential of merging AR/VR with AI. When the two are combined, they have the potential to create ingenuity, new consumer engagements, and innovative ways to engage with our reality. Quality Data is key to an effective combination of Immersive Technologies with A.

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Internet of Things & AI both have their vast universe, but what happens when you mix them both? They become a super universe. They have the power to transform small start-ups into huge business ventures. Many virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are examples of AIoT

Augmented Business Processes and Systems:

In line with the immersive technologies, coming years will give a boost to all types of automated systems powered by AI, like augmented Data Management and augmented analytics, to achieve operational excellence, cost efficiencies, and resilience. The combined impact of cloud, robotic process automation (RPA), and IoT will make AI-augmented automation a great option for businesses.

Quantum AI:

Everyone has heard the term quantum computing, right? The super-powerful, mighty computer. These AI-powered computers can calculate much faster than a supercomputer. Have you seen the Netflix series called Travelers? Scientists deployed an AI quantum computer named director to save humanity from its extinction. It may be a distant reality, but it is the true one.

Edge Computing:

In edge computing, the big data analysis happens close to the IoT devices and sensors instead of in a data center or the cloud

Hybrid Cloud:

A hybrid cloud allows different personas to work with data and analytics capabilities where it makes the most sense and helps to define the requirements where the data and analytics capabilities should be placed in the hybrid cloud environment.

TechGraph: Xebia Academy has been collaborating with different industry experts and technology partners to enhance the student’s learning experience. Going forward, do you see more such engagements?

Brijesh Kohli: We believe in the concept of providing our students with first-hand experience of the subject they are pursuing. Our curriculum is designed in such a manner where the students experience the work nature of AI Engineers, Data or Full Stack professionals accustomed with assignments including Capstone Project, Coding Challenges, Networking Sessions with experts, Community Interaction & Blogs writing.

The experience set in the form of an Innovation lab is one of the essential setups of an innovation space for aspiring technocrats armed with cutting-edge technology trying to solve real-world problems. The intense projects designed for the student community also provide a platform for students to use their knowledge pragmatically in their field of competence.

In conjunction with Xebia Academy’s coding marathons and hackathons for students, we intend to strengthen the facet of student community contribution of solutions to very prevalent industrial challenges by building tech-innovative solutions in the future.

The problem solvers can collaborate & present solutions to challenging situations in the industry. If the learner wishes to showcase their coding talent, there are opportunities to learn new tech in the process and explore job options with Xebia in the process.

TechGraph: What is the roadmap for Xebia Academy going forward?

Brijesh Kohli: We are planning to tie up with foreign institutions to get the best of both the world and offer them our technological understanding.

Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder & Editor of TechGraph.

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