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ZStack International to Provide Alternatives in the Indian Market for Cloud Computing and Virtualization



ZStack International, a Globally renowned market leader in cloud computing, IaaS and PaaS solutions, today announced that they are entering into India and SAARC Region. Mainly focused on providing end customers with new age technological products for cloud computing and hybrid cloud scenarios.

L to R – Keith Poon, Executive Managing Director of ZStack International and Devanshu Bajpai, Country Manager ZStack International

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Keith Poon, Executive Managing Director of ZStack International said, “Cloud adoption has become an essential part of the newly agile business world. Expansion to India comes at an opportune time as we progress towards a more advanced technology era, and we will accelerate the digital transformation altogether. We are excited to have Devanshu, Country Manager of India, to expand our business in India, a great business target for the IT services. We fully support Devanshu to lead our India business. His fruitful experiences in sales and partner network engagement will contribute to further develop our business territory. We look forward to expanding our Cloud business in India!”

Devanshu Bajpai, Country Manager for India said, “We intend to launch our new age technology in India. We are focused on providing highly sophisticated cloud computing solutions that deliver low cost of ownership, better performance while creating virtual machines and shortest amount of time required for batch creating 500 virtual machines. Our focus will also be towards partners and distributors to provide them with a better alternative in the cloud computing market.

Devanshu Bajpai, further added, “We want to capitalize on the market gap which would create itself due to changes which are bound to happen with the current market leader. Every partner and distributor will look for their alternative in the cloud computing space and we want to set up Alliance before that moment comes rather than afterwards. At this point, we are also open to new alliances and partnerships from the existing partners in cloud computing space, offering better revenue and better ROI. For more details, partners and distributors can reach out to me-devanshu.bajpai@zstack.io.

visit www.zstack-cloud.com for more information on their cloud computing products.

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About ZStack International

ZStack International is a leading cloud computing technologies vendor that specializes in the research and development of cloud computing software and hardware. ZStack has about 400 employees, around 70 percent of them are R&D and technical team members. With the great effort of our committed partner networks, ZStack has successfully provided the state-of-art cloud computing technologies to more than 2,000 enterprise users coming from over 30 countries. The productized services includes ZStack Private Cloud, ZStack Hybrid Cloud, ZStack Mini, ZStack Cloud Management Platform (CMP), and ZStack Ceph Enterprise.

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