Zomato removes 541 employees from it’s across customer, merchant, and delivery partner support teams.


An India-based online food delivery company, Zomato has laid off more than 541 employees from its workforce.

In a statement issued by the company on late Saturday, the company said, “As we have improved our Zomato platform with the AI-driven chatbots which are resolving the customer queries. Has resulted to led the overall reduction in direct order-related support queries.”

“The layoff of employees is majorly done from across customer, merchant and deliver partner support teams.” the company in its statement said.

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“While it has been the painful decision the company has decided to extend the two-months severance pay (based on the tenure). Will also cover the family health insurance till the January end of 2020, and career fair opportunities with the companies,” the company added.

“Over the last few months, our technology products and the platform has evolved and improved significantly. Which has led to an overall reduction in the direct order-related queries,” the company added.

“So far the company has hired more than 1,200 people from across the functions (excluding its last-mile delivery fleet), and with over 400 off-rolls positions. the company is currently hiring in technology, product, and data science teams,” Zomato added.


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