What can be expected from the AdTech space in the upcoming years as a market leader

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AdTech, a booming name in the Tech Ecosystem, has created a buzz that will be lasting for the upcoming years as it is going through a tremendous transformation. The golden era for the tech space is around the corner as AdTech is entering the 5G spectrum and going to connect rural India to the outside world which is taking giant steps to reach at par levels with the world. The Indian Government is also actively involved with the new schemes and launches to push the digital revolution beyond the boundaries and make it reachable to the common man.

The advent of media has undeniably transformed corporate marketing techniques. It has resulted in considerable transformation throughout the ad tech business. The AdTech business in India has expanded in tandem with the digital revolution, propelling it to the second-fastest-growing market in Asia. Its contribution to Indian GDP is estimated to exceed 0.5 percent.

The Indian AdTech business appears to have a promising future. It is predicted to expand by a substantial percentage by the end of 2022. After experiencing degrowth in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, the sector is preparing to face new developments. In the future, we may expect to see full-fledged automation of the AdTech business, with content generation and programmatic media purchasing becoming the new normal.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be used more to improve speed, performance, and accuracy. Customer-centric and performance-based marketing techniques will be prioritized.

A challenge that the AdTech Industry will encounter is the unpredictability that exists as a result of changing Digital Strategy, Brand Requirements, and Consumer Behavior. It is critical to be attentive to developing trends, which will become more rapid in the future. The crucial concept that will drive the future of the Indian ad tech business will be “reinvention.” They will concentrate on improved ways to make use of current trustworthy data to get the most out of it.

As internet behemoths take on the role of privacy defenders, media organizations must redirect their focus to better alternatives that will provide them with the resources they require in the absence of cookies. With the expansion of the virtual population and digital technology, India’s future potential in the ad tech business to improve and prosper is limitless. It is also going to create new jobs with diverse roles, these sorts of investments are surely going to make this a much-needed revolution for the coming times.

The development in these platforms is going to create a sudden boom which could help in evolving the communication ways, possibilities of new-age communications, and solution-driven technologies which would help in the rolling out in the new age of media and communications. 

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Advertisers see digital video as the main format for the next decade. Today, a huge percent of marketers will rely on videos to advertise, educate, and amuse their target audience. With the advancement of software technology, new advertising forms will be promoted. App-based video advertising, for example, grew by 78 percent in 2018 and is predicted to expand by 84 percent by 2023. This demonstrates mobile advertising’s enormous potential for increasing customers, sales, and brand message penetration.

The AdTech space which is a new space in gradually gaining prominence as a new domain. It is flourishing with a rapid speed and also helping other domains and fields gain prominence and visibility.

This boom is going to help the Indian tech ecosystem in promoting itself as a highly digital and tech-savvy country. With something prominent making headlines each day, 2022 is anticipated to be a “Year for AdTech” as the market and industry prepare for the arrival of Metaverse and Web3.0, but there are still some trends that are here to stay.

India is likely to ride these trends as well, and with strong penetration and adaptability of new technologies, this year might be pivotal in the history of India’s Adtech business. Against all odds, India has shown great growth possibilities following the Covid second wave, with a new Unicorn now and then a good influence will boost India’s AdTech Industry.

According to a Statista report, the Indian digital ad market was valued at Rs 47 billion in FY 2015, soaring to Rs 199 billion in 2020. It is expected to skyrocket to approximately Rs 539 billion in 2024, indicating that AdTech’s ripple effect yields productive returns. Customer-centricity is becoming increasingly important, and the audience has risen to the top of the food chain, even in the virtual realm.

Although AdTech may address the distribution problem, the customer’s preferences and choices must be respected in all aspects of marketing and advertising. Website monetization enables this while generating a win-win situation for all sides, developing a new ecology of healthy advertising, and driving significant ROI.

Arpit Jain
Arpit Jainhttp://greedygame.com
Arpit Jain is the Founder and CEO of GreedyGame.

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