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We’re building a job platform for students of Bharat: Chandraprakash Joshi, Founder of ixamBee

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In an interview with TechGraph, Chandraprakash Joshi, Founder of ixamBee said, “We are building a job platform for students of Bharat in which we are looking for helping students in getting jobs in the public and private sectors.”

Read the interview in detail:

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TechGraph: Could you help give a sense of how far ixamBee has come in its one year of existence? From when it began to where it is now?

Chandraprakash Joshi: We started operations in April 2017 and for the first six months, we crossed 10K registrations. That was a powerful start for ixamBee. Then we launched an online learning course to establish a revenue model.

In the first year, we almost reached 1 lakh registrations and strong testimonials from students about our learning courses and mock tests. Now we are building a job platform for students of Bharat in which we are looking for helping students in getting jobs in the public and private sectors.

TechGraph: How is ixamBee, facilitating the entire learning process digitally?

Chandraprakash Joshi: When most of the Ed-Tech players were using outsourced content and freelance teachers, ixamBee kept complete control of the learning product. The entire content and the technology platform have been developed in-house. This enabled us to keep building new features and revise the content for students’ success in the exam.

We invest time in building content that is crisp and can be customized to one’s requirements. We are living in a time of information overload, there is a large amount of low-quality content on the internet. By having complete product control we cut the clutter and help students prepare 50% faster.

TechGraph: How is the response so far to your online courses?

Chandraprakash Joshi: Sincere students easily recognize the quality of ixamBee Learning Experience and join the course. This helps in keeping our selection rate high. The popularity of the ixamBee courses has been growing organically due to the testimonials of the selected students.

About 20,000 students have joined our learning courses and the numbers are growing. However, we are investing ourselves in building an ixamBee Learning Experience outstandingly superior to give the best returns on the time invested.

TechGraph: What are the new career trends in a competitive examination?

Chandraprakash Joshi: Online learning has provided more opportunities for building a career. Earlier students used to join a job and work there till retirement. Now career aspirations continue to build with success. Someone who gets selected as Bank Clerk wants to prepare for Bank PO and bank officers are looking for joining regulatory bodies such as RBI, SEBI, NABARD, IRDA, and others.

A large number of private-sector employees also appear in government job exams due. For the UPSC exam, the interest is evergreen from all – freshers or those who are in a job. Because of the socio-demographic changes, now students are continually appearing in competitive exams till the age permits i.e 30 or 32 years for most of the jobs.

TechGraph: ixamBee has been collaborating with different industry experts and technology partners to enhance students’ experience. Going forward, do you see more such engagements?

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Chandraprakash Joshi: We found that lack of career guidance is the most unaddressed problem of students from Tier 2/3. Therefore, we bring industry experts who share their experiences and compare various career options to help students in deciding their career paths. We use technology in content creation and in improving the learning outcome. We will invest more in growing such collaborations to make ixamBee Learning Experience more effective in building careers.

TechGraph: What is the roadmap for ixamBee going forward?

Chandraprakash Joshi: More than 50 million students prepare for government job exams but only a small percentage are going to get selected. The rest of the students eventually join the private sector. Companies find it tough to recruit in small towns as profiles of these students are not available on Naukari.com or Monster.com.

In addition to the profile details, we have their performance scores. A large number of students who do not get selected for a government job look for a private job. We are going to help these students in building their skills for employability in the private sector.

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