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Vistara codeshare pact with United Airlines comes into effect from last Friday



India’s leading private airline, Air Vistara on Monday said, that “The codeshare agreement between Vistara and United Airlines has come into effect from last Friday.”

In a statement issued, the company said, “Both the two airlines in June last year agreed to allow United Airlines passengers to book seats in Vistara’s domestic flights in India.”

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“The codeshare will allow the passengers to earn and redeem the frequent flyers point/miles on either of the frequent flyer programmes starting from February,” the statement continued.

“The codeshare agreement will allow the United Airlines to add its ‘UA’ designator code to more than 20 Vista-operated flights each day opening up more than 20 destinations to United Customers, including but not limited to Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ahmedabad,” the company in its earlier statement said.

Speaking on the development, Vinod Kanna, Chief Commercial Officer, Vistara said, “The US continues to be one of the biggest source markets for foreign travellers into India and the region, and this partnership allows us to provide a seamless travel offering for customers to and from the United States.”

Continuing the statement, John Gebo, Senior VP (Alliance), United Airlines said, “We are excited to offer our shared customers the option of building a seamless itinerary when planning to travel to cities beyond New Delhi and Mumbai.”

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“Our relationship with Vistara opens up even more options for customers to travel between our East and West Coast hubs and multiple destinations throughout India,” he said.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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