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US threatens Germany over Huawei’s 5G tech use



“No end to the tension between Trump Administrations and Chinese tech giant Huawei technologies over the 5G technology use,” which has now brought Germany under the threaten over the use of Huawei’s 5G networks by the United States Government.

According to the media reports, “Richard Grenell, a U.S. Ambassador to Germany has written a threating letter to the German Government over the contract to Huawei technologies to build 5G communication networks in Germany.”

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Citing to the reports, Richard “has threatened the ‘Berlin’ by stating that, If the German government decides to give the contract of building 5G communication network to the Huawei Technologies then the government will be restricted from accessing the American intelligence.”

Where in response to these, Matthias Wehler, spokesperson at the German embassy in Washington D.C. told to CNN that “The Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy has indeed received the letter, and there is no comment on its content from their side, but there will be reply on this soon.”

“Germany’s State Department hasn’t made any official comment on the Richards letter.”

The National Security Council spokesperson, Garrett Marquis, has outlined how Huawei’s 5G networks could pose the continually evolving and shifting threats.

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Talking with the CNN, Marquis said that “As the 5G networks are largely a software-defined, updates pushed to the network from the manufacturers which can be changed radically as how they operate and as our allies buy will not be the networks that they eventually operate, which as a software could be changed on moment-to-moment basis by the manufacturer, end.”

It is important to know that the letter by the Richards is following the same line which the president Donald Trump has recently said to its allies over banning the Huawei products from their 5G network on national security Ground.

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About 5G Technology.

5G technology is the next generation wireless network which is 100 times faster and more reliable than the current technology used the organizations and others including that the technology can be used in 5G compatible phones and other communication equipment. According to reports, the market of the 5G technology estimating more than a billion dollars


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