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Urban Ladder: Recent reports on 40 percent job cuts are incorrect



The Bengaluru based omnichannel furniture and decor retailer Urban Ladder on Tuesday clarified that “the facts represented in an article published in the Hindu BusinessLine on June 9th, 2019 are incorrect.”

The company also highlighted that the news which is published by the newspaper now was from the Feb-March period.

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Commenting on this, the company said, “Out of 957 employees, the company, unfortunately, had to let go of 90 employees (from the head office alone) in February 2019. Which was about 25% of the workforce and not 40%, as claimed by the newspaper.”

“Currently, the 711 employees who work with us include team members from other locations, third-party employees, and resources,” the company added.

Urban Ladder’s, Co-founder and CEO, Ashish Goel in a statement said that “As an organization, the months of February and March were not easy for Urban Ladder as the company deeply appreciates our employees.”

“Taking those tough calls were not easy for us, but we are happy to know that our employees who have been a part of our journey have used Urban Ladder as a stepping stone to pursue other great opportunities within the industry and beyond,” he added.

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Krishna Mali
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