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Unlu launches celebrity powered learning and entertainment platform



Fan engagement platform Unlu has today announced the launch of celebrity powered learning and engagement platform UnluClass.

“The platform that plans to come up with the classes thought by world-renowned instructors in various fields like comedy, music, writing, design, photography, fashion, film and tv, sports, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and more. Is set to go live by January end,” the company said.

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Speaking on the launch, Vipul Agrawal, Co-founder of Unlu, said, “The idea of Unluclass was more from the concept of connecting dots. We are thrilled about how Unlu has successfully reached out to millions of audiences out there and has been applauded for the services it has to offer. The next question was – what else can we do? And Unluclass was an instant answer.”

Calling it the ‘New Normal’ of Learning + Entertainment, Vipul said, “The twist of providing learning through celebs will prove to be critical in redefining and aligning the thoughts of how people seek the new way of hobby learning.”

“You can binge-watch just like you’d do with Netflix and other platforms, but with Unluclass you’ll end up learning so much more than you ever could through simple TV binging,” he added.

Further adding to the statement, Himanshu Periwal, Co-founder of Unlu said, “There is a void when it comes to non-academic learning especially for those who do not belong to metro cities. Reaching out to celeb mentors is like a dream far away for them and with Unluclass, we have bridged the gap to learn from the best wherever you are.”

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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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