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UniGigs expands its business in the US



UniGigs, a SaaS-based zero commission marketplace has recently announced its international expansion in the US.

The expansion is undertaken to scale the platform’s services by connecting US-based businesses and freelancers for on-demand digital services.

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“The need and demand for freelancers have grown during the pandemic, causing a paradigm shift in employability, outsourcing, and work culture. As per the stats – around 9 million Americans performed freelance work in the past 12 months, representing 36% or more than one-third—of the entire U.S. workforce.,” the statement said.

“This has led to an upsurge in freelance activities across business sectors. UniGigs’ zero commission model simplifies the long painstaking process of finding on-demand freelancers and reliable clients at the right price point,” it added.

Speaking on the market expansion, Devaansh Bahl, Co-founder & CEO of UniGigs said, “There is a burst in demand for people to support customer services as well as e-commerce development, and web and mobile design. Companies are increasingly relying on freelancers as essential contributors to their operations. Our expansion in the US is aligned with the urgency to tap into the market. We believe with our unique insight coupled with the demand at an all-time high, we estimate our total addressable market to be $10Bn.”

With the strategic expansion, UniGigs also announces to generate employability in India as well as the US through its business. Considering the cost affordability, the platform plans to build the technology in-house in India while tapping into the market by setting up a marketing team in the US.

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“As part of the expansion, UniGigs also targets to close more than 50,000 signups by September 2022 with 20,000 service listings by December 2022,” the statement further added.

Recently, UniGigs has also launched its new social networking feature ‘Knot’ that creates community engagement among skilled talent and employers. Along with the ability to post jobs, the platform is also in the process of setting up internal payouts to make the payout management process easier for freelancers.

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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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