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U GRO Capital appoints Pia Shome as Chief People Officer



Small business lender U GRO Capital has announced the appointment of Pia Shome as the new Chief People Officer.

“In this role, Pia will be instrumental in building a quality talent pool across the nation as the company ramps up its geographical reach and expands physical presence to 100 GRO Micro Branches in the coming year,” the company in its statement said. 

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“She will also augment the culture of high performance and meritocracy while setting up clear career progression programs for U GRO Capital employees,” the statement added.

Speaking on the appointment, Shachindra Nath, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of U GRO Capital stated, “It gives us immense joy to welcome Pia Shome as Chief People Officer. The realization of U GRO Capital’s aspiration to solve the unsolved credit gap of MSMEs depends heavily on the existence of a coherent, competent, passionate, and agile leadership team.”

“We are confident that Pia’s addition to the team will stimulate a culture of meritocracy and ownership among our employees as we chart out their career progression with us.  We look forward to Pia’s contribution to help build scale as we spread across the country to help MSMEs,” Shachindra added. 

Commenting on the joining, Pia Shome said, “I am thrilled to be a part of the U GRO Capital team, which has a distinguished structure built upon the founding pillars of knowledge and technology. I firmly believe that people, as well as technology, shall be our biggest differentiators. In our journey ahead, our focus will be to build strong people capabilities and a culture driven by meritocracy.” 

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“I am heartened by U GRO Capital’s aspirations of ongoing nationwide expansion and working towards a larger cause of solving the unsolved credit gap of MSMEs. I look forward to joining the team on this enthralling journey,” Pia added.


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