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Triton Benefits & HR Solutions launches online marketplace to compare and purchase Group health insurance



New Jersey-based national employee benefits broker and HR consultant, Triton Benefits & HR Solutions on Tuesday announced the launch of its online marketplace that makes it easy to compare and purchase group health insurance.

In a statement issued, the company said, “Through this service, it is targeting organizations with up to 100 employees, and will offer insurance options from leading carriers such as Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare and others.”

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“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic along with the larger trend of online purchasing driven by technology and consumerism has created a unique opportunity for Triton to launch its online marketplace, providing convenience and choice without compromising service. Organizations no longer need to meet with a broker to identify the best health insurance options for their specific needs,” the statement added.

“The online marketplace helps facilitate all available plans and is accessible around the clock to ensure a quick and seamless experience while providing a quote in near real-time,” it added.

Speaking on the launch, Steve Rosenthal, President & CEO of Triton Benefits & HR Solutions said, “Younger demographics are increasingly making insurance purchase decisions and through technology and the Internet, they are comfortable utilizing online tools such as our marketplace to research and procure products and services.”

Technology and consumerism along with the recent pandemic have reinforced the need for online options, and our marketplace is purpose-built to compare and identify the best plan from leading national carriers,” Rosenthal added.

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Further adding to the statement, the company said, “The online marketplace for health insurance enables organizations to review and compare multiple plans instantly. Visitors will be guided through a few basic questions about location, company size, and employee demographic data (groups of 5 employees and over are recommended).”

“A live chat feature will ensure the ease of use and guide if necessary. After submitting the required information, a simple comparison chart will be generated. This provides the ability to compare carrier options, deductibles, and co-pays,” it added.

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