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Top most Employable Courses that Students Can opt-in 2021



Rising number of new courses being introduced in universities, thereby widening the career prospects for students. There are a lot of career opportunities available to students right after their graduation.

Before choosing a career make sure that you discover your interests at all possible extent and try choosing your career option according to your skills and interests. Sometimes people take any job without thinking about if they like the job or not, which leads to an unhappy life. 

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New Education policy helps to add more skill-based design subjects and the flexibility of choosing a degree or diploma courses as per your need in between your existing academic tenure. This policy gives importance to practical and research-based training instead of putting them into Theoretical studies.

After Graduation ocean of courses available for students. Courses serve a multitude of purposes for different students; they are sometimes used to bridge the gap between different phases of academic study or to provide additional professional training and qualifications. 

Students who are completing their graduation can choose various courses mentioned below to kick start their career. 

Fashion Design:

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In a highly competitive Industry, Fashion designing has become the most competitive and one of the most rewarding, alluring, and exciting career options for those students who have a flair for creativity, style, and originality.

The fashion industry offers a multitude of job opportunities for those who have a creative outlook to explore things in different forms of trends with fashion ideas to represent uniqueness among others.

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In the fashion world, hands-on learning is key to success. By investing in an internship, you will give yourself the broadest spectrum of opportunities when seeking and applying for a job after college or completing your course. 

Interior Design:

Interior Designing continues to be one of the most sought-after design disciplines in which students specialize and seek to build a career. The sector is not just expanding but it is getting redefined every day with the modern advancement of Technology.

Going by the real-estate boom, there is great scope for interior designers. You can choose to work with established interior-design organizations, in architects’ firms, consultancy firms, or with builders and contractors. You can even choose to work as design consultants with hotels, hospitals, shopping arcades, or even in design studios and furniture stores.


Culinary Arts:

Culinary Art is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry that offers a wide range of opportunities for diverse profiles for graduating Students. Within the country, the industry has been estimated to double in its size in the coming decade. Culinary artists have various employment opportunities in Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Resorts, Bistros, and Bakeries. The field gives the liberty to explore the food industry as determined professionals and passionate freelancers as well.

Media Course:

To make a career in the field of media offers an exciting career with incredible opportunities to students and offers a very fast-paced and challenging environment to work in. There are multiple career options in the media field such as advertising, audio engineering, anchoring, broadcasting engineering, radio jockeying, disc jockeying, video editing, print, graphics, Public Relations, and website designing, event planning, etc. 

Beauty & Wellness:

Beauty has a much deeper significance; it is not only a job for beauticians. An attractive personal appearance has become a prerequisite to move ahead in life. As said by many legends, if you look good you feel good. The beauty industry in India is the 10th fastest growing market in the beauty and wellness sector.

Around this world, who does not want to look good, everyone wants to look at their best, so the beauty and wellness industry helps them in enhancing their natural beauty to make them look good and feel good about themselves. They help people in many ways from hairdressers to indulging in yoga.

The beauty and wellness industry offers a diverse range of careers to aspirants. Candidates can work for or run a locally owned beauty salon or find themselves working for spa resorts, fitness centers, cruise ships, hotels, and so on. With a range of specialties available, candidates can find themselves developing a variety of skills in practices such as hairstyling, makeup, skincare, yoga, etc.

The industry of beauty and wellness is changing constantly. With the new products and techniques being developed now and then, the sky’s the limit for candidates looking to pursue a career in beauty and wellness courses.

In Beauty & Wellness program you will learn how to cut and style people’s hair, maintain the glow on their faces, give hair and face spas, color hair, make-up, and makeovers of people, etc. Different programs cover different aspects of beauty care such as herbal, ayurvedic, etc.


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Shilpi Sharma
Shilpi Sharma
Shilpi Sharma, the young entrepreneur and Director at Edu Brain Academy, India

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