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Samsung India to conduct research to enhance education technology in middle school.



Samsung has launched a new and extremely thoughtful project called ‘My Dream’ to enhance the learning of middle school students via technology.

They have started this initiative in collaboration with UNESCO, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for peace and Sustainable development and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti to conduct a research survey about the increased stress and anxiety of middle school students and find technology dependent methods to assist and help these students out.

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On parallel lines, in partnership with the government of Andhra Pradesh, Samsung announced the installment of ‘Samsung Smart Class’ in 14 government colleges of Andhra Pradesh which offer a Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) and Diploma in Education (D.Ed) courses.

Samsung Smart Class plans to deliver 200 hours of lectures, educational videos and audio aids covering the entire course curriculum. ​

This act is monitored under the ‘Teaching Teachers for Technology initiative to assist the teachers in teaching with digital pedagogies.

The ‘My Dream’ project will conduct research and 2-year study in all Jawaharlal Nehru Vidyalayas across India.

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This entire project aims to build intellectual and emotionally resilient youngsters who enjoy the whole process of learning rather than look at it as a burden.

Since the first Samsung Smart class, 2.5 lakh individuals have benefitted, and more than 8000 teachers have been trained in how to use it to aid them in the making learning more fun and interactive.

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Every Samsung Smart Class is equipped with interactive Samsung Smartboards and Wifi.

With the help of all this, Samsung has been able to integrate technology into education which has started a new revolution in the fundamental teaching and learning process, thus establishing more headstrong, creative and learned mindsets in the upcoming generation which will be the future of Technological India.


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