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Samsung apologies to factory workers in cancer case

South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics on Friday, apologized to its worker who caught with cancer after working at its semiconductor factories.

KIM KI-nam, co-president of Samsung said: “We sincerely apologize to the workers who suffered from illness and their families.”

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Adding to this, Kim also said, “We have failed to manage the health risks of our workers at our semiconductor and LCD factories.”

The company in its statement said that “Samsung will pay 150 million won (approx $133,000) per case. Which includes 16 types of cancer and some other rare illnesses, including miscarriages and congenital disease which was suffered by the worker’s children.”

The scandal, first came into the highlight in 2007, when the former  workers at ‘Semiconductor and display factories’ said that the staff had been diagnosed or died of various forms of cancer.

A series of rulings and decisions by courts, Seoul’s state labor welfare agency and a mediation committee followed over more than 10 years, culminating in Friday’s announcement.

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Relatives’ leader Hwang Sang-gi, whose 22-year-old son died of leukemia, said Friday: “The apology honestly was not enough for the families of the victims but we will accept it.”

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