HomeInsideRaghuram Rajan says, “Brexit is a reason why he didn’t apply for the job to lead Bank of England.”

Raghuram Rajan says, “Brexit is a reason why he didn’t apply for the job to lead Bank of England.”



RBI’s ex-Governor Raghuram Rajan on Friday said that “the political challenge posed by the Brexit were the few reasons why he didn’t apply for the post at Bank of England.”

Speaking in an interview on BBC, when Sarah Montague anchor of HardTalk show, asked about “the governor’s post at the Bank of England.”

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Raghuram Rajan said, “He is perfectly happy with his job,” and “that’s not a diplomatic answer, it’s the truth,” he said.

Adding more on this, Rajan said that “I’m perfectly happy and I haven’t applied for any job.”

“Rajan who now teaches at Chicago Booth School of Business has served as the Governor of RBI, and also as chief economist at IMF, was one of the top contenders for the post.”

When Rajan, was asked that if he was approached to apply for the post, would he accept it? to which Rajan said, “I believe that the central banker’s job has become much more political in recent times.”

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“And for the best, the country should have somebody who understands the political structure of the country and who can navigate that,” Rajan said.

When the interviewer asked Rajan that “If he would able to understand the politics of the United Kingdom and the challenges of the Brexit.”

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To which Rajan told the interviewer that, “It’s obvious that, I’m an outsider and I have little understanding of the deep ebbs and the flows of the politics in this country.”


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