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Radiation Gear- A Must Have During Radiation Disaster



Radiation disaster mostly happens in nuclear reactors and is defined as an event that leads to unusual effects and consequences to the locals, people, and environment. This radiation disaster imparts lethal effects on the surroundings which include lethal effects on people, large harmful radioactive radiation release to the environment, and reactor’s core melt. Examples of radiation disasters are nuclear power plant accidents, nuclear explosions, or bomb blasts filled with poisonous material.

Radiation disasters can arise as a result of deliberate activities intended to harm others, such as a terrorist attack, or as a result of mishaps involving radioactive material. As per research, there is almost half a percent chance of getting mega radiation disasters in the world which will be way worse than the Chernobyl one. Watching the circumstances ahead, this is the time you must get a radiation suit for you.

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Radiation Gear

A good radiation gear must be capable of absorbing gamma radiation. Alpha radiations and beta radiations are produced in nuclear plants. When they mix up, they make harmful gamma radiation.

All these three radiations are harmful with different penetrating levels and they are poisonous when they are exposed to our body directly.StemRad’s 360 Gamma selective shielding system from Stemrad is the product that provides you the ultimate protection from all these radiations and basic human needs.

Scientists have decisively proved that certain regions of the body are more vulnerable to radiation than others and that covering the most sensitive organs provides a considerably more effective and efficient radiation barrier, and is the only realistic way to ensure gamma radiation protection.

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What a Good Radiation Gear Must Have

What makes radiation gear most effective is, that it must shield all the sensitive parts of the human body. The lips, mouth, and bone marrow are the most sensitive parts that must be kept far away from harmful radiation.

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Since the whole body shielding is inherently heavy, partial body shielding is lighter in weight, and selectively materials are used in shields to protect that delicate tissues from radioactive radiation

This protection solution gives maximal protection to the body’s most sensitive regions, particularly the midsection and hip area, which contains the body’s bone marrow tissue. Numerous scientific studies have shown that if this area is effectively protected, the risk of radiation sickness decreases – with the system giving optimal protection against gamma radiation, which is the primary reason a rescue worker would require a radiation shield.


No one can deny the adverse effects on humanity and the environment when a nuclear reactor got exploded in 1986, an incident known as Chernobyl Accident. Now, in this modern era of technology, things have improved much. Though these nuclear radiations have become a basic part of our lives, humanity is smart enough to protect itself from them.

Traditional radiation suits can’t protect you the best for those people you want to remain more active in it and get themselves protected. StemRad’s 360 Gamma is effective, sustainable, and easy to use for protection against all radiations specifically gamma radiation. You must get a radiation suit like this if you work in a nuclear power station, deal with radiation or spend your time near them.


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