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Quora’s latest data breach hits 100 million users



Quora, a question and answer providing site on Tuesday reported that “It site was affected with a massive data breach which disclosed the account information of 100 million users.”

In a blog post, Adam D’Angelo CEO of Quora said: “The company on Friday, has discovered the unauthorized access through the third party on our systems, which affected some users data.”

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The blog post stated that “Its internal security teams and leading digital forensics and security firms are investigating the actual cause of the breach.” The company has also said that it has notified the Law enforcement officials regarding this.


The company also stated that “We believe that we have identified the root cause of the breach and also taken steps to address the issue although our investigation is ongoing and we’ll continue to make security improvements.”

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The company said that “It has started notifying users whose data was compromised and logging out all Quora users who may have been affected as a security precaution.


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According to Quora, the following user data may have access:

  • Account and user information, e.g., name, email, IP, user ID, encrypted password, user account settings, personalization data
  • Public actions and content including drafts, e.g., questions, answers, comments, blog posts, upvotes
  • Data imported from linked networks when authorized by you, e.g., contacts, demographic information, interests, access tokens (now invalidated)
  • Non-public actions, e.g., answer requests, downvotes, thanks
  • Non-public content, e.g. direct messages, suggested edits.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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