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Power Gummies sets Rs 35 lakhs towards fighting Covid-19



Dietary supplement brand, Power Gummies has announced to contribute Rs 35 lakhs towards fighting COVID-19.

“A part from this, Power Gunnies has also announced its partnership with Phoenix group to provide oxygen for hospitals,” statement said.

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Phoenix group is supplying 400 oxygen cylinders daily to hospitals in Delhi NCR. People from 19 different industries of Delhi NCR formed a group called the ‘Phoenix’ group. Phoenix Group is supplying filled oxygen cylinders at hospitals in Delhi NCR.

In addition to the contribution, Power Gummies will also be setting up a vaccination camp in their office and for all their employees and family members.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Divij Bajaj, CEO & Founder, Power Gummies, said, “Considering the dire pandemic scenario, Power Gummies is extending a helping hand in the war against COVID-19 via a few initiatives. To begin with, the Company is reducing packaging costs by sending products to consumers without the outer box. Instead, a note is being given with gummies explaining the initiative.”

“Besides, we are setting up vaccination camps in our offices for all employees and their family members. Moreover, we have partnered with the Phoenix group for providing free oxygen to hospitals. We are also raising a fund for assisting hospitals in procuring oxygen so precious lives can be saved. Accordingly, the Company will be contributing INR 35 lakh towards medications, vaccine camps, oxygen support, and medical supplies. We believe this is the time when individuals and institutions should step up and shoulder their responsibility in mitigating the current crisis,” Divij added.

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Krishna Mali
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