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Petitioner S Vijaykumar files PIL to regulate internet usage



A PIL was filed for the regulation in internet usage at Mudari Court on Friday, stating that the internet service providers in the country should create a parental window to all the internet users to ensure safe internet usage among children.

S Vijayakumar, A petitioner in this PIL said that “The Union Government and the apex court had already given their direction on this but the internet services provider had not taken any action.”

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Adding to this the petitioner said “More than 200 ISP providers had been granted a license to operate in Tamil Nadu. Of which there has been a rise in the rate of internet usage and most of the contents are readily available for downloads through these ISPs, were child-abusive.”

Citing to the latest news report on ‘Blue Whale’ game and other abusive content, the petitioner said that “It is petitioner to point that this could be achieved by awareness and providing parental window controls by the service providers which could enable parents to regulate the content which could be viewed by their wards too as mobile phones have data too.”

Petitioner also said that “the Union government has issued a communication to the association of ISPs earlier this year on the issue, but the same had been passed on to the customers so far.”

He also said “the court directions to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights at both Centre and state to take steps to stop the abusive materials by taking it up with the ISPs. A division bench of justices K.K.Sasidharan and G.R.Swaminathan admitted the petition.”

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