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Ola Exit: Pranav Tiwari, Sarmad Nazki resigns from Ola



A Bangalore-based ride-hailing company, Ola Cabs have reported the departure of two more senior executives from the company.

According to the sources, familiar with the development told that “The departure of two senior executives has come from Ola’s Engineering department and Ola Electric Mobility’s Finance department. Where Pranav Tiwari, who was the head of engineering of Ola and Sarmad Nazki, Finance head of Ola Electric Mobility, resigned from their post on personal grounds.”

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Tiwari, who joined Ola, has the experience of 13 years and worked with companies like Cisco, Google, Cadence Design Systems, and Cellworks Research. Where, Nazi who previously worked for four years with ANI Technologies, a parent organization of Ola in the Finance department before he moved to Ola Electric in April last year.

Speaking on the departure of Tiwari from Ola, the sources said that, “He understands the product, and what it takes from a tech and engineering standpoint to deliver the profitable growth it’s a loss for the company.”

In a statement issued by the company on the questions related to the resignations of two of its senior executives Tiwari, and Nazki, Ola, said:

“As a growth-oriented organization, Ola thrives to a performance culture. It also means that from time to time, we will have to be the part ways with the employees on this account. Every employee who been or is the part of a journey valued and cherished their learnings from this experience.”

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The departure of the two most senior executives was not for the first time. The company in past years also saw the departure of Pallav Singh (Senior Vice-President and one of the oldest Ola employees), Saikiran Krishnamurthy (Senior Vice-President of Growth) and Joy Bandekar (Corporate President of New Initiatives) too left the company.


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