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Nokia appoints Pekka Lundmark as new President and CEO, Will replace Rajeev Suri



Finland-based technology giant, Nokia on Monday announced the appointment of Pekka Lundmark as the new President and CEO of the company.

In a statement issued, the company said, “The board of directors has appointed Pekka Lundmark as President and CEO.”

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“Pekka Lundmark, who is currently serving as President and CEO, will replace Rajiv Suri, and will join the new role on September 1, 2020, at Nokia’s office in Espoo, Finland,” the company said.

Rajeev Suri, who is currently President and CEO of Nokia, has earlier indicated to the board, “He is planning to step down from his role.”

Referring to Rajeev’s succession plan, the company said, “The board of directors has conducted a structured process for CEO succession and has been working closely with Suri to develop internal candidates and identify external candidates. That process culminated today, March 2, 2020.”

Speaking on the appointment of Pekka Lundmark, Pisto Sillasmaa, Nokia Board Chairman said, “Pekka has deep experience in telecommunications networks, industrial digitization, and key markets such as the US and China; his focus on strategic clarity, operational excellence, and strong financial performance.”

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“I am pleased that Pekka agreed to join Nokia,” he added.

Whereas, Suri said, “After 25 years at Nokia, I have wanted to do something different. Nokia will always be part of me and I want to thank everyone that I have worked with over the years for helping Nokia to be a better place and me a better leader.”

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