LA Times owner Patrick Soon-Shinog calls “Fake news on social media as cancer of our time”

In an interview with Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong on CNBC on Wednesday, Patrick Soon-Shiong said that fake news on social media are the cancer of our time.

Talking to CNBC, Patrick said “The short attention span we’re creating millennium is really very dangerous and it is also the unintended consequences of the social media too.”

Responsding to CNBC’s questions on “State of media and its relationship to social networks. Patrick said “Social networking platforms like Facebook’s news feed have revolutionized the way how people use media and how the news porganizations deliver the content to the peoples. But the social media has also been criticized for the distributing fake news and misinformation.”

“Fake news is the ‘cancer of our time and social media is the form of metastasis of news, and we need to change that. Right now on Facebook people cannot figure out which is ‘Real news’, ‘Fake news’ or ‘Opinion news,’ he added.