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The job opportunities for medical stream students amid the pandemic situation



The pandemic situation closes the opportunities in many job sectors due to the crisis in generating the new vacancy for the fresh graduates but the medical field has given a tremendous new path for students.

The career opted in this field has been a blessing in the pandemic situation for saving people’s life; it’s just the hand of a medical who became COVID warriors boon to infected persons’ lives.

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The different courses include MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, B. Pharma- Bachelor of Pharmacy, BPT- Bachelor of Physiotherapy, BNYS- Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, and BMLT- Bachelor of Medical Laboratory is much in demand during COVID 19.

Therefore, a fresh graduate in such courses of medication is placed sooner than any other courses in this crisis of pandemic.

In a recent news report, the Prime Minister of India seeks help from last year’s students of medical science of MBBS, BSC. And GNM- qualified nurses deployed for COVID duties. There is also extra-facility providence for last year students who complete 100 days of COVID duties will be given forthcoming regular government recruitments.

The global crisis has brought focus on the healthcare professionals, as they continue to fight on the frontlines to protect everyone. The various opportunities for the medical science students looking forward to making a career in 2021 are as follows:

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Bachelor of Medicines and Bachelor of Science (MBBS):

The admission in MBBS is obtained through the National level entrance exam conducted by NTA; this course duration comprises a 5.5 year UG degree program. The MBBS graduates get placed in a Hospital as a Doctor after doing an internship for 1 year. One can go for higher studies i.e. PG degree after MBBS for M.D (Doctor of Medicine) or M.S (Master of Surgery) for enhancement in the job profile.

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Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma):

Pharmacy studies are the field of medicine which deals with the study of health and chemical science. During this 4- year of undergraduate program students become aware of various medicines and drugs, their usage and their side effects. The different job opportunities for pharmacy students are Pharmacist, Drug Inspector, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Quality control and production, Medical Underwriting, Own business or Self- employment. The pharmacy graduates are also known for advising the patients and guidance for their ill- effects.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) :

It is the study that includes diagnosis, treatment, advice, and instruction provided to the patients with health-related problems like movement dysfunction, bodily malfunction, physical disability, healing, trauma pain, etc. The work of physiotherapists is to make patient life back to normal without medicine usage but through their technique involving the method of exercise, manual therapy, rehabilitation techniques, and physical activity. The graduates in BPT can do the job in various places like consultant physiotherapists in Hospitals, NGOs, old age residential homes, and sports associations, etc, with a good package at an initial level of their career.

Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) :

The course in naturopathy involves the theory of the body’s healing ability, immune hormonal, nervous, and detoxification of the body. BNYS graduates work for the patients giving advice on alternatives to medicines such as Reiki, homeopathy, acupuncture, exercise. The qualified in the 4-year degree of BNYS students can make their career in Ministry of AYUSH, National Institute of Naturopathy, Retail Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Yoga Shiromani, Naturopathy Marketing are some of the jobs produced for this medical program.

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory (BMLT) :

The study of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) is a three-year undergraduate program of paramedical science which includes sample tests, analyzing, preparing solutions, examining cells, handling equipment, making reports, and documenting.

The fresh graduates as a Medical Laboratory Technologist can look for the opportunity in CT Scan Technicians, Anesthesia Technicians, MRI Technicians, X-RAY Technicians, Operation Theatre Technicians, Pathology Technicians, Orthopedic Technicians/ Plaster Technicians in Hospitals, Medical testing Labs, and Forensic Science Laboratory.

The above-mentioned medical science streams will clear the concept of different types of employment for the fresh graduates in medical science looking for new opportunities. We generally see the new generation find it difficult in deciding their future after passing out from college if knowing the clarity in every field’s employment and direction can help them to make a better future.

Medical science is a boon in this unprecedented situation of COVID where every 3rd person is requiring the demand of health sector people, utilizing the acquired knowledge and education in college programs will be beneficial for the nation in the pandemic. There are a lot of opportunities existing in the world of Medical Science, one must know their field in depth and grab the jobs available in the market which is looking for your path.


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Rana Singh
Rana Singh
Professor (Dr.) Rana Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Sanskriti University

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