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Japan issued an arrest warrant against Nissan's ex-boss wife Carole Ghosn



The Prosecutors in Japan have said that “they have obtained an arrest warrant against Carole Ghosn, wife of Nissan ex-boss Carlos Ghosn.”

In a statement, the prosecutors stated that “They have obtained the warrant on the ground of false statements she made during April testimony in Tokyo district court about the meetings with an unnamed individual.”

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The arrest of Carole Ghosn has come after a day when Carlos Ghosn who was facing the trial in Japan on charges of financial misconduct which he denies before fleeing to Lebanon last month.

Carlos who had been freed on bail after agreeing to strict conditions, including restrictions to contact Carole, Ghosn second wife, who was one of the reasons he decided to jump bail and flee the country in an elaborately planned escape that has outraged Japanese Officials.

Carole was leading the campaign for her husband’s freedom, and also petitioned everyone including French President Emmanuel Macron to the White House seeking his release.


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